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Technology News on June 16, 2011

Technology pioneer IBM celebrates 100 years of 'Think'
The world's second largest technology company, IBM - or International Business Machines - is celebrating its 100th birthday on Thursday without much fanfare. ANI

Hormone linked to mortality in chronic kidney disease patients
Researchers at the University of Miami have identified a new marker to predict progressive kidney failure, death. ANI

Anxiety can make searchers miss multiple objects
A new study has found that a person scanning baggage or X-rays can miss out on multiple objects during searches if they were feeling anxious. ANI

How using recycled cardboard can contaminate food with mineral oils
A study has found that mineral oils from the printing inks used on cardboard can migrate into food if recycled cardboard is used for food packaging. ANI

NASA's Voyager probe closer to interstellar space
Scientists believe that NASA's Voyager probe is closer to interstellar space than they thought. ANI

Mexican scientist grows tasty mushrooms from dirty diapers
In what could be called double benefits from a single shot, a Mexican scientist has found a quick way of breaking down disposable diapers while producing tasty mushrooms. ANI

Now, 'touchscreen' interactive table takes orders, entertains diners
You might have heard about touchscreen menus in restaurants, but how about a diner table that talks to you, takes your order and entertain you while the food is getting ready. ANI

New 'powerful' vaccination strategy fights malaria better
Scientists have discovered a powerful strategy to combat malaria that may be described as the most effective next-generation vaccination approach for the disease. ANI

Inhibitory control can be boosted with non-invasive brain stimulation
A study has found that patients' inhibitory control can be greatly improved with a mild form of non-invasive brain stimulation. ANI

Now, balance on your unicycle while staying in one spot!
Existing mono-wheel motorcycles in which the rider sits inside a giant rotating wheel and steers by leaning can be pretty hard to control when trying to squeeze into gaps. ANI

Magical thinking helps dieters cope with stressful situations
A new study has found that magical thinking, which is usually dismissed as naive and irrational, can actually help consumers cope with stressful situations like trying to lose weight. ANI

How commonly used anaesthetic lifts depression
Scientists in the US have found how a commonly used anaesthetic is able to lift the symptoms of depression in hours, rather than weeks. ANI

Sunlight cuts golden algae's toxicity that kills millions of fishes
Sunlight decreases the toxicity of golden algae, which kills millions of fish in the southern United States every year, finds a new Baylor University study. ANI

Identification with an organization change people's lives
A new study has indicated that strongly identifying with an organization or workplace can change people's lives in profound ways. ANI

Researchers shed light into alcohol's damaging effects on brain
Previous research had shown that though alcohol had a wide range of pharmacological effects on the body, the brain was a primary target. However, the molecular mechanisms by which alcohol alters neuronal activity in the brain were not clearly understood. ANI

Weight loss surgery 'helps in easing migraine headaches'
A new study has indicated that bariatric surgery can lead to total or partial alleviation of migraines in nearly 90 percent of morbidly obese patients diagnosed with migraine headaches. ANI

Australian Aborigines 'understood movement of Sun, Earth and Moon'
Researchers who analysed historic Aboriginal accounts of lunar and solar eclipses have found that many traditional communities in Australia understood the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon. ANI

Low solar activity can lead to Little Ice Age in future?
Astronomers believe that the Earth could enter a new 'Little Ice Age' in the coming years due to low solar activity. ANI

Top 5 ways to help reduce kids' exposure to toxic chemicals at home
Canadian health and environmental experts have issued a list of the top five ways that parents can do to protect their children from exposure to toxic substances in and around the home. ANI

Characters in Asterix comics suffered over 700 traumatic head injuries
A new study by German researchers has concluded that characters in the Asterix comic books suffered traumatic brain injuries. ANI

Cause of severe sleep disorder closely linked to Parkinson's discovered
Researchers at the University of Toronto have identified a potential cause for a severe sleep disorder that could also have implications for Parkinson's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases. ANI

New sensor to measure structural strain can repair itself when broken
Researchers from North Carolina State University have made an important advancement to help us make informed decisions about structural safety in the wake of earthquakes, explosions or other unexpected events. ANI

New therapies to reverse blindness on the anvil
Therapies to reverse blindness caused by common retinal diseases such as macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa could soon be on the anvil, thanks to cutting-edge stem cell technology developed to correct a genetic defect present in a rare blinding disorder. ANI

Strange and rubbery 'SpongeBob' mushroom discovered in Malaysia
San Francisco State University researchers have discovered a new species of mushroom called Spongiforma squarepantsii, which look almost as strange as its cartoon namesake, in the forests of Borneo. ANI

Scientists discover new way to change genetic code for treating diseases
In a new study, scientists have discovered an entirely new way to change the genetic code, by which the course of devastating genetic disorders can be altered. ANI

Discovery of new fossils tells tale of life after 'Snowball Earth' event
Researchers at MIT, Harvard University and Smith College have found a diversity of 710 million-year-old fossils in rocks, suggesting life may have recovered relatively after the planet emerged from a global glaciation, or 'Snowball Earth', event. ANI

World spent 10.7m hrs playing with Les Paul's doodle last week!
It has emerged that the world spent 10.7 million hours playing with guitar legend Les Paul's doodle last week. ANI

5,300-yr-old Otzi the Iceman had bad teeth due to high-carb diet!
A new CT scan analysis has indicated that 5,300-year-old Iceman had bad teeth. ANI

Agriculture around 10,000 yrs ago led to decline in height, health of people
An anthropology student has concluded that when populations around the globe started turning to agriculture around 10,000 years ago, regardless of their locations and type of crops, a similar trend occurred: The height and health of the people declined. ANI

Living human cells produce natural capsules for better diagnosis, drug delivery
For the first time, scientists have used living human cells to produce natural capsules with channels for releasing drugs and diagnostic agents so that it can reach diseased parts of the body. ANI

NASA telescope finds earliest black holes at dawn of universe
A University of Hawaii astronomer has found the first direct evidence that black holes existed when the Universe was just a toddler. ANI

'Successful' testing can boost memory
In the past, many researchers have believed that testing is good for memory, but only for the exact thing you are trying to remember: so-called "target memory." ANI

Medics over-prescribing antibiotics for home-care patients, finds study
Doctors may be over-prescribing antibiotics for patients receiving ongoing medical care at home, suggests a study of Canadian home-care patients. ANI

Mice woo their mates with high-pitched singing!
A University of Florida study has shown that like rock stars of the rodent world, the flashiest performers of a Central American mouse species get the most attention from the ladies. ANI

45 pc teens look to parents as sexual role models more than friends
A new survey has indicated that 45 pc teenagers consider their parents to be their sexuality role model. ANI

Its official: 'Giant magnetic ropes' cause solar storms
George Mason University scientists have confirmed that a phenomenon called a giant magnetic rope that has been recently discovered is the cause of solar storms. ANI

Want to have a perfect cuppa? Drink it 6 mins after it's made!
Many of us might think of making a perfect cup of tea as an art, but apparently it is all down to the science. ANI

Why the universe is made of matter rather than anti-matter
Scientists have identified a unique ability of a particle, which may one day help explain why the universe is made of matter rather than anti-matter. ANI

People sporting Ned Kelly tattoo more likely to die of suicide or homicide
People who have got a Ned Kelly tattoo made have an above average incidence of traumatic deaths, according to a new research. ANI

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