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Technology News on June 15, 2011

'Giant fish-eating' dino roamed Oz in early Cretaceous period
Scientists have discovered a fossil, which suggests that a relative of a giant fish-eating dinosaur that was even bigger than the T. rex, once roamed Australia. ANI

Cholesterol lowering drugs statins are quite safe in any case, finds study
A new study has found that first few months of starting cholesterol-lowering drugs statins can still reduce the likelihood of severe chest pain when the risk of cardiovascular events is the highest. ANI

COPD patients using mist inhaler at higher death risk
A new study involving an Indian-origin researcher has warned that people using a mist inhaler to deliver a drug widely prescribed to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are 52 percent more likely to die. ANI

Amazing maps show Facebook conquering the world
A series of maps charting the social networking sites that are dominant in different countries illustrates how Facebook is conquering the world with its vast network. ANI

Fully electric, gravity-defying 'Diwheel' unveiled
A team of students from the University of Adelaide has created a gravity-defying electric vehicle called 'Diwheel' that places the driver between two giant wheels. ANI

Facebook denies losing users, says 'pleased' with growth
Facebook has denied reports that 'fatigue' and 'privacy threats' had led users to shut down their accounts globally, saying that it is pleased with the growth. ANI

Exposure to low levels of antibiotics turns E. coli bug more drug resistant
Scientists have found that E. coli bacteria are more likely to develop antibiotic resistance when exposed to low level of antibiotics than to high concentrations that would kill the bacteria or inhibit their growth. ANI

Consuming olive oil 'may cut stroke risk in older people'
Scientists have found that consuming olive oil could almost halve the risk of stroke in older people. ANI

Protein that could help predict deadly head, neck cancer found
Scientists have found a protein that could help predict the spread of the head and neck cancer nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC). ANI

Male cleaner fish checks mate's diet to prevent her from turning into rival males
You may not like your partner telling you to control your diet, but for some fish it's a necessary way of life. ANI

Food colouring not linked to ADHD but safety issues still remain
Though no scientific evidence has been found to link food colouring to ADHD, there are however other safety issues that have not yet been answered. ANI

People fluent in English 'easily translate what they hear into Chinese'
Chinese people who are fluent in English can translate English words into Chinese automatically and quickly, without thinking about it, a new study has found. ANI

Surprising connection between two types of perception discovered
Scientists have in a new study discovered a surprising connection between two types of perception. ANI

Gene-diet plays key role in disease prevention, treatment
A new study involving an Indian-origin researcher has suggested that ancestry plays a vital role in different populations with regards to disease prevention and treatment. ANI

Sleep loss may lead to development of ADHD symptoms in early childhood
A study has found that short sleep duration may contribute to the development or worsening of hyperactivity and inattention during early childhood. ANI

Increases in blood pressure are age-related
A study has found that blood pressure, which leads to life-threatening heart attacks and stroke when increased, changes at four phases throughout life ANI

Lunar eclipse's impact will be felt even if not visible, warn NY astrologers
Sky gazers across the world will get a rare opportunity to view the century's longest and darkest lunar eclipse on Wednesday, but New York astrologers have warned that the astrological impact will be felt even if the eclipse is not visible. ANI

Non-beating, non-pumping device that functions like heart!
In a major medical breakthrough, researchers at Texas Heart Institute have developed a non-beating, non-pumping machine that could save the lives of heart patients. ANI

Super glue could make aneurysms disappear without major surgery
Aneurysm - a bulging, weak area in a vessel in the brain - can be life threatening when it ruptures. ANI

Achieve optimal digestive health with these 10 simple tips!
Many Americans are aware of the relationship between fiber, probiotics and prebiotics and maintaining a healthy digestive system, yet few of them actually consume these types of foods and beverages to experience their health benefits. ANI

Male cleaner fish severely punish female partner with greedy behaviour
A new study has revealed the first non-human example of where punishment fits the crime and results in the offender adjusting their behaviour according to the potential penalties. ANI

Music and drama offer physical and emotional benefits to Parkinson's patients
A Northwestern hospital is offering a music and drama therapy program for patients with Parkinson's disease to address many of the physical and emotional symptoms of the disease. ANI

Money does not add to well-being or happiness, finds study
Providing people with freedom and personal autonomy appears to be more important than money in giving them good health and happiness, according to a new research. ANI

Tool to predict player's behaviour in online games developed
A new tool that can accurately predict the behaviour of players in online role-playing games has been developed. ANI

New 'hidden' galaxies give insight into 'evolution of earlier galaxies'
An international team of astronomers led by Niels Bohr Institute has discovered some of the 'lowest surface brightness' galaxies in the universe. ANI

Low-carb, high-protein diet may cut cancer risk, slow tumour growth
A study has suggested that eating a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet may reduce the risk of cancer and slow the growth of tumours already present. ANI

Why our hair turns grey
For the first time, a new study has provided clue on why our hair turns grey. ANI

New nasal spray could prevent diabetes in kids
Australian researchers have developed a nasal spray vaccine, which could stop children from developing childhood diabetes, or type 1 diabetes. ANI

Stressed birds have highest mating success and better parenting behaviors
A new study at Queen's University has revealed that birds with high levels of stress hormones have the highest mating success and offer better parental care to their brood. ANI

Men with restless legs syndrome at 'higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction'
A new study has indicated that men with restless legs syndrome are at higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction than men without the disorder. ANI

Fish's brain shows how people, other vertebrates produce sounds
Scientists have identified regions of a fish brain that reveal the basic circuitry for how humans and other vertebrates generate sound used for social communication. ANI

Archaeologists find Roman diet included dormice, sea urchins, fresh figs
British archaeologists digging a giant septic tank at an ancient city, which was destroyed by the eruption of Mt Vesuvius, have found that dormice, sea urchins, and fresh figs were among some of the delicacies enjoyed by Romans. ANI

College students drink more, get lower grades if their classes start late
A study has indicated that the grades of college students are more likely to suffer if their class starts late because it allows them to get more sleep and more time to stay out drinking at night. ANI

Sun cycle most likely to go into hibernation
Solar researchers have predicted that the sun is about to fall into the doldrums again. ANI

How bacteria can help restore 17th century paintings
A team of experts from Italy and Spain has showed that injecting bacteria into a painting can help restore it to its former glory. ANI

Prolonged TV viewing ups risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease
A new study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) researchers has indicated that prolonged TV viewing is associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. ANI

Darwin was right: Competition is stronger between more closely related species!
While ecologists generally accept the premise of Darwin's hypothesis, which states that the struggle for existence is stronger between more closely related species than those distantly related, a new study has provided 'strong support' for the theory. ANI

How fear burns memories into our brain
Scientists have long known that fear and other highly emotional experiences lead to incredibly strong memories ANI

How parents can boost kids' early mathematics learning
Researchers at the University of Chicago have indicated that preschool children seem to grasp the true concept of counting only if they are taught to understand the number value of groups of objects greater than three. ANI

CoRoT detects 10 new diverse exoplanets
Scientists have discovered 10 new exoplanets using the European satellite CoRoT. ANI

Soon, bananas and pineapples could help make 'green' cars!
Scientists have developed a new way to use fibres from bananas, pineapples, and other fruits to make a new generation of green vehicles. ANI

Coming soon: Sydney-made Hoverbike to fly you to your office!
An Australian man has claimed that he has created a flying bike, which will be able to hover an estimated 10,000 feet above the ground. ANI

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