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Technology News on June 13, 2011

Now, a 'nightcap' with cold water to beat insomnia!
US researchers have devised a cap that can help calm over-active minds to knock off insomnia. ANI

Bariatric surgery among older patients 'does not decrease death risk'
A study has indicated that the use of bariatric surgery among older, severely obese patients was not associated with a decreased risk of death. ANI

Teens' brain activity can predict song's success
It is possible to predict the popularity of an unknown song through the brain activity of teenagers, according to Emory University study. ANI

Kids' exposure to pets does not increase risk of allergies in later life
A new study has revealed that exposure of children to pets in early life does not increase the risk of their allergies to these animals later in life. ANI

Modern humans have 'smaller brains' than their hunter-gatherer forebears
A scientist has revealed that the brain size of modern humans has decreased. ANI

Volcanic eruption could lead to 'complete collapse of civilisation': Scientist
A new book has warned of a 'complete collapse of civilisation' if humankind fails to shield itself from a major volcanic eruption. ANI

Now, a futuristic 'hovercraft car' that drives on roads, sand - and water!
In what has come as China's reply to Japan's levitating locomotive, the 'Volkswagen Aqua' born to the thoughts of 21-year-old designer Yuhan Zhang, can drive on roads, sand, ice - and even water. ANI

Scientists hone in on new way to find genetic mistakes causing cancer
Washington University Pediatric Cancer Genome Project scientists have found a better computer tool for finding genetic mistakes that fuel cancer. ANI

First 'living laser' created using kidney cell
For the first time, researchers have used a human kidney cell to create a living laser. ANI

Each of us receives 60 new genome mutations from parents
Solving a longtime mystery, researchers have revealed that each one of us receives approximately 60 new mutations in our genome from our parents. ANI

Mark Zuckerberg engaged to girlfriend Priscilla Chan?
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has hinted that his pal and Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg has got engaged to his long time girlfriend Priscilla Chan. ANI

How to protect our personal data from hackers
Computer hackers have an ability to cause chaos by using personal data that they have stolen. But the theft can be prevented if people are careful with their information. ANI

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