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Technology News on June 11, 2011

Coming soon: better superconductors to meet world's energy needs
A new study on ultra thin slabs of copper-oxide materials could lead to a deeper understanding of the high-temperature superconductivity physics and advance the quest for new and better superconductors for meeting the world's energy needs. ANI

Now, feel the swerve in your seat round a bend in a virtual car race!
A team of scientists headed by Ivan Poupyrev from Disney Research, Pittsburgh has developed a haptic chair which will make the user swerve while changing directions in a virtual car race. ANI

"The moment of truth is about to arrive" for protoplanet Vesta: NASA
NASA's Dawn spacecraft launched in 1997 is now approaching Vesta, a small protoplanet in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter - a destination that is 143 million miles from Earth. ANI

Early substance abuse risk different in girls and boys with ADHD
Boys and girls with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may differ from each other in their vulnerability to substance use problems, according to a new research. ANI

New prototype technology uses waste energy for air conditioning
Engineers at Oregon State University have developed a prototype of new technology that has the potential of addressing one of the leading problems in energy use around the world today - the waste of half or more of the energy produced by cars, factories and power plants. ANI

Mysterious hieroglyphs inside pyramid may be engineering numbers
Archaeologists have revealed that the mysterious markings in red paint on the floor of a hidden chamber in an Egyptian pyramid are most likely numbers used by engineers. ANI

Iconic Swiss Army knife design gets an electric bicycle makeover!
An extraordinarily unique electric bicycle that can fold out just like a Swiss Army knife, born of the work of a father and a son, Andre-Marcel and Eric Collombin in Geneva, Switzerland, is garnering attention from around the world. ANI

NASA launches 'Age of Aquarius' to improve knowledge of Earths oceans
NASA has launched the 'Age of Aquarius', an international satellite carrying the agency-built Aquarius instrument that will be able to measure the salinity of the Earths oceans and improve our understanding of the global water cycle and climate forecasts. ANI

Foot long, 7-ounce heavy 'world's smallest dinosaur' unearthed
British paleontologists have unearthed the world's smallest non-avian dinosaur, measuring about a foot in length and weighing just seven ounces. ANI

Warning that first toy 'tablet' could spawn generation of struggling 'iKids'
The first tablet computer for youngsters - the InnoTab by Vtech, which is set to be launched in the UK in August and in America this fall, will lead to a generation of 'iKids' who may struggle to read, write and speak properly, experts have warned. ANI

Scientists hone in on novel strategy for treating sepsis
A team of researchers involving one of Indian-origin has found a potential target for reversing the deadly blood infection sepsis. ANI

8 new substances added to list of agents that may cause cancer
The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has added eight substances to its list of chemicals and biological agents that may put people at increased risk for cancer. ANI

Strength training in old age maintains mobility, study reveals
A new study has revealed that regular strength (resistance) training in old age is important in order to maintain mobility and to manage everyday tasks independently. ANI

Feral cats roam more than 370 acres as compared to domestic ones' five
A cat can roam farther than you think, covering as much as hundreds of acres, according to a new study. ANI

Why pregnancy ups cancer risk
A new study has shed light on why pregnant women with cancer face an increased risk of their tumors metastasizing. ANI

Notorious Brit pirate Blackbeard's terror tactics found in recovered ammo
Notorious English pirate Edward Teach, better known as Blackbeard, is said to have terrorized many, and the secret to his tactics was found in piles of ammo recovered from his ship. ANI

Leonardo da Vinci's 'triple machine gun' cannon prototype discovered
A gun found in 1968 by a group of children who were digging in the 15th century Klicevica fortress, has finally been identified by archeologists in Croatia as the world's only triple-barrel cannon inspired by the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci. ANI

Now, specs that 'record what you see', and send to Facebook in real time!
US based social media company ZionEyez has introduced a pair of œ92 glasses that can record what the user sees through his eyes and then upload it via a Bluetooth connection on Facebook in real-time. ANI

Nearby galaxy has two supersized black holes that are active
Scientists using NASA's Swift satellite and the Chandra X-ray Observatory has found a second supersized black hole at the heart of an unusual nearby galaxy already known to be sporting one. ANI

Brain changes from conscious to unconscious captured for first time in 3-D
Researchers have for the first time used sophisticated imaging equipment to construct a 3-D movie of the brain, that shows how the journey from consciousness to unconsciousness takes place following the usage of an anesthetic drug. ANI

New tests snub 'God particle' discovery claims
Tests recently conducted using a separate experiment called DZero have not been able to corroborate the findings claiming the discovery of a sub atomic particle. ANI

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