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Technology News on July 9, 2011

Apple's iPad2 most wanted Christmas gift gadget this year
Apple's iPad 2 is set to become the top ten most sought after gadget on Christmas this year. ANI

New sensor to make painful pin pricks for child diabetics history!
A team of researchers from Princess Margaret Hospital in Perth is carrying out the world's first trial of an electronic sensor, which could revolutionize how children with type 1 diabetes receive their regular insulin doses. ANI

Brain tumour promoting pathway discovery could lead to new treatment
A cellular pathway that cancer stem cells use to promote tumour growth in malignant glioma, an aggressive brain tumour, has been identified by Cleveland Clinic researchers. ANI

Brits are hypocritical over mobile phone usage in public
A new study has shown that though most Britons get irritated by public use of mobile phone, they continue to do so themselves. ANI

Soon, smart specs to help 'blind navigate'!
Oxford University researchers, who have been inspired by the -technology in Xbox Kinect games consoles and iPads, are developing 'cheap', 'smart spectacles' which promises to change the lives of thousands of blind people by allowing them to 'see'. ANI

Dinos were highly active warm-blooded creatures, not cold-blooded and sluggish
A new study on holes in fossil bones have supported the theory that dinosaurs were warm-blooded and highly active creatures, rather than cold-blooded and sluggish. ANI

Soon, human 'friendly robots' that can display emotion to entertain you!
The Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland has developed a robot that can display emotion, thus helping in making human/robot interaction easier. ANI

Why it is easier to learn about things we already know about than unfamiliar ones
A new study has given insight into why it is easier to learn about things related to what we already know than it is to about unfamiliar ones. ANI

Athletes wearing ankle braces suffer three-times fewer injuries
Lace-up ankle braces may help prevent ankle sprains and fractures in high school basketball players, a new research has shown. ANI

Genetic mutations behind Meckel, Joubert syndrome identified
Scientists have discovered how genetic mutations cause a number of rare human diseases, such as Meckel syndrome, Joubert syndrome and several other disorders. ANI

Twitter posts can reveal public health issues
Computer scientists at Johns Hopkins University have revealed that Twitter posts could be used as an important source of public health information. ANI

Why pretty girls look ugly on camera
Scientists have uncovered a bizarre optical illusion that appears to make pretty girls look ugly. ANI

Here's what Earth's 'most fearsome predator' the 'pliosaur' looked like
A skull belonging to one of the largest "sea monsters" ever unearthed is now going on public display at the Dorset County Museum. ANI

Drug combo can benefit more than 1 in 3 with hard-to-treat breast cancer
A new study has shown that a combination of the targeted therapies, which play different roles in breast cancer, can offer a personalized therapy approach to treat women with advanced stages of the disease. ANI

How we can keep our memories intact and prevent forgetfulness
Scientists are now one step closer to finding novel approaches to help enhance learning and treat patients with memory problems and learning disabilities. ANI

Researchers successfully reprogram brain cells into heart cells
Researchers have long anticipated that heart cells-the most sought-after cells in regenerative medicine-may help to repair injured hearts by replacing lost tissue and save millions of lives. ANI

Thank parasites for the joys of sex!
Next time you get hot and heavy under the sheets, don't forget to thank pesky parasites, as they may well have been responsible for the joys of sex. ANI

Human navels harbour 1,400 strains of bacteria!
Scientists have found that the human navel plays host to a number of unknown strains of bacteria. ANI

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