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Technology News on July 8, 2011

Men who smoke less likely to need joint replacement surgery of hip or knee
A new study has revealed that men who smoke are at a lesser risk of undergoing total joint replacement surgery than those who never smoked. ANI

Kids' personalities linked to their chemical response to stress
Researchers have explained why children become "doves" - cautious and submissive when confronting new environments, or "hawks" - bold and assertive in unfamiliar settings. ANI

Earth turning obese? Blame it on melting ice!
The Earth had been 'slimming down' by just under a mm a year following the Ice Age, which finished about 20,000 years ago, but global warming is now reversing this process. ANI

Sports help ease aggression in children
A Tel Aviv University researcher has found that sports help to ease aggression in children, particularly in boys. ANI

Protective factors that help women recover from childhood violence identified
A study has found certain protective factors that will help women, who as children were exposed to their mothers' battering, recover from the violence. ANI

Jab of own stem cells may help treat cardiac function in angina patients
A new research has found that injections of adult patients' own stem cells reduced reports of angina episodes and improved exercise tolerance time in patients with chronic, severe refractory angina (severe chest discomfort that did not respond to other therapeutic options). ANI

Polar bears' ancestors originated in Ireland
An international team of scientists has discovered that the female ancestor of all living polar bears was a brown bear that lived in the vicinity of Britain and Ireland around 20,000 to 50,000-years-ago. ANI

Limiting caloric intake may prevent age-related infertility, birth defects
Several animal studies have shown that restriction of caloric intake helps to reduce age-related health problems. ANI

Just five weeks of meditation enough to bring about positive moods
A study has found that changes in brain activity occur after only five weeks of meditation training. ANI

Changes in brain activity occur after five weeks of meditation training
A study has found that changes in brain activity occur after only five weeks of meditation training. ANI

How visual cues help us understand body motion
Our visual system is tuned towards perceiving other people. We spend so much time doing that - seeing who they are, what they are doing, what they intend to do, according to a new study. ANI

Companies adopting 'pinkwashing' for profit commit social injustice to women
Experts have claimed that companies that try to increase sales of their products by adopting the colour pink and pink ribbons to imply that they support breast cancer research - a practice called "pinkwashing" - are committing a form of social injustice against women. ANI

It's possible to train ourselves to forget negative, depressing events
Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud was right when he said 'you only remember what you want to remember'. ANI

Exploding supernova 'a major dust producer in galaxies'
The European Space Agency's Herschel Space Observatory has detected cosmic dust in supernova 1987A, which exploded 24 years ago in the Large Magellanic Cloud, a small galaxy near to the Milky Way - a finding that may help solve a mystery of the early Universe. ANI

Our brain prompts body to promote moral behaviour
A USC researcher has indicated that the human brain may simulate physical sensations to prompt introspection, capitalizing on moments of high emotion to promote moral behaviour. ANI

Gold nanoparticles may help in cancer treatment
Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed new nanomaterials, which are capable of disrupting the blood supply to cancerous cells. ANI

Symmetry of cosmos suggests early universe spun about an axis
University of Michigan scientists have argued a long-held assumption that the universe has mirror symmetry, like a basketball. ANI

Brain cancer's 'cellular origin' may help thwart 'deadly' attack
A research team has identified the cellular origin of malignant glioma, a deadly human brain cancer. ANI

Natural antibody discovery paves way for single universal flu vaccine
Scientists at the Scripps Research Institute and Dutch biopharmaceutical company Crucell have reported that annually changing flu vaccines with their hit-and-miss effectiveness may soon give way to a single, near-universal flu vaccine. ANI

Why we keep hitting the bottle despite horror hangovers
A new study has revealed why some people continue to drink heavily despite experiencing negative effects such as hangovers, fights and regrettable sexual situations. ANI

No evidence that ban on cell phone use while driving reduces crashes
A study has found that there is no conclusive evidence that ban on cell phone use while driving has helped reduce crashes, and that use of hands-free cell phone is no less risky than hand-held ones. ANI

Swedish doctors perform world's first synthetic organ transplant
Surgeons in Sweden have performed the world's first synthetic organ transplant - an artificial windpipe transplanted in a cancer patient. ANI

Drinking green tea regularly cuts 'bad' cholesterol levels
A new study has revealed that drinking a cup of green tea regularly could have major health benefits. ANI

'Pure' human blood stem cell discovery may help treat cancer more effectively
A breakthrough by scientists has opened the door to harness the power of life-producing cells to treat cancer and other debilitating diseases more effectively. ANI

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