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Technology News on July 5, 2011

Social benefits of heavy drinking outweigh its harms
A new study has revealed why some people continue to drink heavily despite experiencing negative effects such as hangovers, fights and regrettable sexual situations. ANI

Technology 'overload' intimidating a third of users
An international survey commissioned by telco giant BT has found that a third of people feel overwhelmed by communications technology such as mobile phones and social networks - to the point that they are intimidated by it. ANI

Ants 'can spot their worst enemies'
Ants can distinguish their worst enemies from the less threatening ones and react with appropriate aggression, according to a new study. ANI

Germany to ban parties organised on Facebook for public safety
German Interior Ministers have called for parties organised on Facebook to be banned after a series of gatherings advertised on the website descended into violence. ANI

Mutations in flies linked to inherited intellectual disability in humans
A recent study has used mutant fruit flies with poor posture to help understand inherited intellectual disability in human beings and vice versa. ANI

Are the American flags still on the moon?
The fourth of July is the time of the year when American flags get all the attention. ANI

Couples report differences in sexual satisfaction over time
An international study has indicated that cuddling and caressing are important ingredients for long-term relationship satisfaction. ANI

Patients with eating disorders have higher death rate
A meta-analysis of previous studies has indicated that individuals who have eating disorders have an elevated mortality rate, especially those with anorexia nervosa (AN). ANI

Cows suffer stress when separated from their best friends
Cows suffer from stress when they are separated from their 'best friends' even for a short period of time, a scientist has found. ANI

Scientists discover molecule that helps skeletal muscle development
A new study has found a particular molecule that plays a key role in skeletal muscle development in the embryo. ANI

Krill 'could be vital in fertilizing Southern Ocean with iron'
A new research has revealed that a shrimp-like creature at the heart of the Antarctic food chain could be playing a key role in fertilizing the Southern Ocean with iron, thereby stimulating the growth of phytoplankton (microscopic plant-like organisms). ANI

Soon! Robots that react in accordance with human facial expressions
Scientists studying facial movements are aiming to create socially aware companion robots and graphical characters, which could recognise human facial expressions. ANI

Now, call a cab from comfort of home using your iPhone!
Calling a taxi from the comfort of home just became easier - thanks to a smartphone application. ANI

Can't resist another potato chip? Pot-like chemicals in our body are at fault
Have you ever wondered why you can't eat just one chip or a single fry? ANI

Most of world's 'missing species' hiding away on threatened landscapes
A new study has suggested that most of the world's 'missing' or undiscovered species live in regions already identified by scientists as conservation priorities. ANI

Now, fat tissue could help in treating obesity-related diseases
A study has shown that the quality - not just the quantity - of adipose, or fat tissue, is a significant contributing factor in the development of inflammation and vascular disease in obese individuals. ANI

Pregnancy, birth environment linked to development of autism in twins
A new study has found that apart from genetics, pregnancy and birth environment may also affect development of autism in twins. ANI

Two new monuments dating back to 712-698 BC unveiled at Karnak Temple
A French-Egyptian archaeological team has uncovered two major monuments at the Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt, during their routine excavation work this week. ANI

Now check your 'shortmails' on Twitter but only up to 500 characters!
A new email programme called 'Shortmail' and dubbed as 'Twitter for email' will now scale down the communication overload by restricting messages to 500 characters. ANI

Asian pollution actually reducing global warming
A new study has revealed that Chinese coal plants, which are thought to increase pollution, are actually preventing the earth from becoming warmer. ANI

Viking warriors in mass grave in Britain had patterns filed into their teeth
Archaeologists have found Viking warriors buried in a mass grave in Dorset, Britain, had patterns filed into their teeth even before contemporary trends for gold dental caps or teeth inlaid with diamonds became popular. ANI

Massage therapy works wonders for 'chronic low back pain'
A new study has found that massage therapy helps relieve not only chronic low back pain, and also helps a person to function properly. ANI

Now, US troops can track down Taliban fighters with their smartphones
A US Army captain has created a new application, which can track down the enemies. ANI

Soon, an artificially intelligent machine that converses with humans
Scientists are working on a voice-activated technology involving artificial intelligence, which will soon allow machines to talk to the users. ANI

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