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Technology News on July 24, 2011

Facebook, Twitter as addictive as 'smoking or drinking', finds study
Several studies have found that Facebook, Twitter and Google are as addictive as drugs. ANI

Now, kids can have fun in digital world with Icon playground
Is your child always hooked to computer games or glued to TV? Well, now they might just leave this habit with the help of new playground. ANI

'Friends with Benefits' 'can result in future awkwardness, ceased contact'
A researcher has conducted extensive research on issues surrounding intimacy, dating and "hooking up" among college-age Americans. ANI

Chips carried to space to test new kind of spacecraft
For the first tests of a new kind of spacecraft, space shuttle Endeavour carried three chips to the International Space Station in May. ANI

'Female suicide bombing' - a political and military tactic, not religious act
A new study has revealed that the concept of female suicide bombing adopted by Islamic extremists is a political and military tactic, not a religious act. ANI

Human brains are fast evolving to environmental changes
Earlier evolutionary psychologists suggested that changes in the human brain lagged behind changes in our environment. ANI

Words parents use to name objects shapes infants' development
A study has shown that long before they are able to speak, infants hear words that shape their development in important ways. ANI

Most Americans have Facebook accounts than having passports!
New statistics have revealed that most Americans have Facebook accounts than having passports. ANI

NASA hopes new research project may help humans colonize space
NASA is funding a new research project at South Dakota State University, which may help humans move one step closer to colonizing space. ANI

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