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Technology News on July 23, 2011

UK scientists slammed for secretly growing human-animal hybrid embryos
It has emerged that scientists have been growing more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in secret for the last three years in British laboratories. ANI

Scientists studying 'fool's gold' to analyse Earth's evolution 2.4 bn yrs ago
Scientists are studying ancient forms of the mineral pyrite to gain insight into a turning point in the Earth's evolution. ANI

How nitric oxide inhibits growth of deadly Salmonella bacteria
Scientists have revealed how nitric oxide restricts the growth of Salmonella bacteria. ANI

Soon, touchscreen keyboards to overcome 'one-size-fits-all' hurdle
IBM engineers have taken upon themselves the responsibility to help us get rid of the many displeasures of typing on a touchscreen. ANI

Adults 'better' than kids at learning new language
A study has indicated that under controlled conditions adults turn out to be better than children at acquiring a new language skill. ANI

Discovery paves way for new therapies to help fight infections during pregnancy
A research may lead to new therapies to help ward off infections during pregnancy, as pregnant women are more susceptible to infection. ANI

Snowstorms on Mars may be more violent than any Earth has seen
A new study has suggested that snowstorms more violent than any on Earth might have hit Mars, and could occasionally strike again, despite its extremely dry climate. ANI

Giving diabetes drug at 8 yrs could protect girls from future infertility problems
A new study has concluded that age 8 may be the perfect time to protect girls against future infertility problems. ANI

Largest and farthest reservoir of water in the universe discovered
Astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. ANI

Display of colours as Moon passes bright star, Mars before dawn next week
There will be a great display of colours before dawn next week when the Moon passes a bright star and Mars. ANI

Antidotes find may soon make 'superbugs', E. Coli history!
Scientists have come one step closer to finding toxin antidotes that will make hospital-acquired infections and enterotoxic E. Coli outbreaks a thing of the past. ANI

When always being happy may not always be good for health
Positive emotions like joy and compassion are good for your mental and physical health, unless you are a bipolar disorder patient, according to a psychologist. ANI

Now, the 'easy-to-use' SuperChef 'that cooks' dinner before you return home
Now, you no longer have to rush to your TV cookery programmes with pen and a paper to note down the recipes from it, as a new gadget could actually have dinner waiting for you when you walk through the door. ANI

Prion formation find could pave way for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's cure
Scientists have identified a yeast protein that can promote spontaneous prion formation - a breakthrough that could lead to therapies for Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and even Huntington's.sb2 - the unstable, short-lived protein is strongly induced by cellular stresses such as heat. Its properties also illustrate how cells have developed ways to control and regulate prion formation. ANI

NASA names Gale Crater as Mars Rover's next landing site
NASA has announced that it has made a final decision on the landing destination for the next Mars Rover - at the foot of a mountain inside a 96-mile-wide crater named Gale. ANI

Women 'prefer sleep, Internet and showers to sex'
The three most important things in a women's life are sleep, the Internet and showers, a new study has revealed. ANI

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