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Technology News on July 22, 2011

OSU aiming to break its own record of fastest land speed vehicle
A team of engineering students at the Ohio State University's (OSU) Center for Automotive Research (CAR) are in the process to build a battery-powered land speed vehicle capable of achieving a speed of 400+ miles per hour. ANI

Mutations in single gene can cause Fragile X Syndrome, autism
Scientists have found how mutations in a single gene can produce the complex cognitive deficits characteristic of Fragile X Syndrome, the most common inherited form of intellectual disability. ANI

Scientists warn that humanising animals might lead to creation of "monsters"
A group of experts have urged urgent action to prevent the nightmarish 'Planet Of The Apes' science ever turning from fiction to fact. ANI

New cell-culture system helps see signalling pathways that cause MS
New avenues of research about multiple sclerosis have opened up with the development of a new cell-culture system, which mimics how specific nerve cell fibers in the brain become coated with protective myelin. ANI

Gene involved in eye development in organisms gives butterfly wings red colour
Scientists discovered that Heliconius butterflies mimic each other's red wing patterns through changes in the same gene. ANI

Now, a digital eye to help you keep tab on your teen kids' rash driving!
Now, parents can breathe a sigh of relief when their teenage children speed in their cars. ANI

Mandrill monkeys do 'pedicures' with twigs just like humans
Scientists have found that monkeys are capable of more advanced tool use than previously thought after watching a crude "pedicure" carried out by a mandrill at Chester Zoo. ANI

Study on zebrafish may yield human sleep disorder, mental illness cure
Scientists are looking to a common zebrafish to learn how the human circadian system functions. ANI

Rise in anaesthesia-associated mortality
A study has found that anaesthesia-associated mortality has risen again. ANI

Stronger social safety net programs reduce childhood stress-induced obesity
A research by a University of Illinois economist has indicated that social safety net programs that reduce psychosocial stressors for low-income families ultimately lead to a reduction in childhood obesity. ANI

Nanometals pave way for lighter, safer cars that don't crumble on collision
Super strong nanometals are beginning to play an important role in making cars even lighter, and now a student has discovered a new phenomenon that could speed up the practical application of nanometals. ANI

Good and bad luck may lie in washing your hands!
A research has indicated that people do believe that good and bad luck can be washed away. ANI

How 'gardening' by cells keeps our brains properly wired
Scientists at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Monterotondo, Italy, have discovered that developing brain cells called microglia prune the connections between neurons, shaping how the brain is wired. ANI

'Arctic facing record levels of melting ice this year'
Scientists have highlighted global warming fears and revealed that the Arctic is facing record levels of melting ice this year. ANI

Scientists discover seventh and eighth bases of DNA
Scientists have discovered the seventh and eighth bases of DNA. ANI

Hepatitis C can be brought on by unprotected sex between HIV-infected men
A new study has found that HIV-infected men who have unprotected sex with other men (MSM) are at increased risk for contracting hepatitis C virus (HCV) through sex. ANI

Methane 'Earth burp' led to mass extinction of marine life 200 mln yrs ago
The mass extinction of half of Earth's marine life over 200 million years ago was thought to have been caused by a destructive wave of volcanic activity. ANI

Fury over parents being given 'access to their kids' Facebook accounts' in Oz
Kids in Australia may soon be forced to use Facebook under the supervision of their parents. ANI

Optimists less likelier to have strokes
A new research has revealed that a positive outlook on life might lower your risk of having a stroke. ANI

Dolphins' 'remarkable' wound recovery ability may harbour human injury cure
A scientist has explored the "remarkable" and "mysterious" wound healing abilities of dolphins from a shark bite, a phenomenon that might provide insights for the cure of human injuries. ANI

Diamond study shows continents started drifting, colliding about 3 bn yrs ago
Scientists have studied diamonds in bid to know about the Earth's distant past, as impurities are unaltered in these materials. ANI

Smartphones 'really straining our eyes'
We are living in a world where everyone is glued to their smartphones and other electronic gadgets. So it is no surprise that mobile devices and other stereo 3D devices are really hurting our vision. ANI

Japan needs to spend $291 bln for reconstruction of quake-tsunami hit areas
The Japanese government has estimated that it would require to spend 291 billion dollars in the next decade to rebuild areas destroyed by the massive March 11 earthquake and tsunami. ANI

Genetic differences between Indian and Chinese teas revealed
Three New York City high school students under the guidance of scientific experts, have, for the first time, demonstrated genetic variations between broad-leaf teas from India and small-leaf teas from China. ANI

High levels of liver, belly fat up risk of heart disease in obese people
A new study has suggested that obese people, who carry high levels of abdominal and liver fat, may face increased risks of heart disease and other serious health problems. ANI

Now, drug from tobacco plant to help fight HIV
Tobacco plants are being used to create a drug, which will help combat HIV. ANI

Aurorae on 'hot Jupiters' 1000 times brighter than displays we see on Earth!
Do you think the auroral displays we have on Earth are the most dazzling ones? Well, think again. ANI

oast the slice for 216 sec to get the perfect 'golden-brown' toast
Does eating burnt or soggy toast spoil your taste? Well, here is the mathematical formula for toasting a perfect slice. ANI

120 mn-year-old fossil of 'oldest pregnant lizard' found
Scientists have found a 120-million-year-old fossil that is believed to be the remains of 'oldest pregnant lizard'. ANI

Test tells you whether your baby is a genius within 5 min after birth!
Want to know whether your newborn will fare in academics? Well, a test administered to babies at 1 and 5 minutes after birth could predict their school success. ANI

How the house mouse has evolved to become resistant to common poison
Scientists have revealed how some ordinary house mice have evolved resistance to common rodent poisons. ANI

Viking women joined their warrior men during invasion of Britain
A study has found that a huge number of Viking women accompanied their male partners to Britain during their invasion of the country. ANI

Sperm cloaking protein key to men's fertility, finds study
Scientists claim to have found a potential cause for a significant proportion of infertility in men worldwide - the absence of a protein that coats sperm and allows them to reach an egg. ANI

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