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Technology News on July 20, 2011

South Korea goes green with 'recharging on the go' electric trams
Amusement parks in South Korea are set to become environment-friendly after replacing the diesel-powered carts with hi-tech electric trams, which are powered by strips beneath the road. ANI

How hummingbirds snap up swiftly flying bugs in a hundredth of a second
A new study has revealed that the shape of a hummingbird's beak allows for a "controlled elastic snap" that allows it to snatch up flying insects in a mere fraction of a second -with greater speed and power than could be achieved by jaw muscles alone. ANI

Companies rushing to buy .xxx address in 'sunrise period'
The new .xxx suffix for pornography websites, which was at the centre of a decade-long controversy about morality online, is now becoming a commercial success, with companies lining up to buy them in the so-called 'sunrise period' ANI

Small hippocampus associated with depression in the elderly
A study has found that people with depression have smaller hippocampal volumes than healthy individuals. ANI

Medieval knights' heavy armour may have worn them out in battle
A new study has suggested that wearing heavy body armour might have restricted medieval soldiers' performance in the battlefield. he study showed that soldiers carrying armour in Medieval times would have been using more than twice the amount of energy had they not been wearing it. ANI

New nanotechnology-based cancer therapy to revolutionize chemotherapy
Researchers of the University of Granada and Edimbourgh have developed a new cancer therapy based on nanotechnology, which promises to dramatically improve current chemotherapy treatments without causing any side effects. ANI

'Smart skin' graphene coating can help harvest energy from flowing water
Researchers including one of Indian-origin have developed a new method to harvest energy from flowing water using a nanoengineered graphene coating. ANI

Mimicry is hardwired in our brains
Our urge to imitate others is almost impossible to control, as it lies in our subconscious, according to a new research. ANI

Soon, octopus-like robotic arm that can save lives!
European scientists have created an octopus-like robotic arm that can one day save your life besides navigating underwater and grasping objects. ANI

'Diamond's aren't forever when exposed to UV-C band light'
Scientists have discovered that Earth's hardest natural material - diamond - evaporates under exposure to light ANI

Now, Toyota offers Prius hybrid that runs household electrical appliances
Automobile manufacturer Toyota has come up with a Prius hybrid that has a power outlet that can run household electrical appliances for two days. ANI

Netmums takes on Mumsnet in online 'battle of the bloggers'
UK website, Netmums, has knocked off its better known rival Mumsnet as the most popular parenting site, by attracting more than 500 "elite" maternal bloggers to write for them in just over a fortnight. ANI

The richer you are, the better sex you have!
Are you looking to better your sex life? Well, then start by getting a pay rise. ANI

The stick insects that have lived for a million years without sex
A new genetic research has found that stick insects have lived for one million years without sex - a discovery which could help researchers understand how life without sex is possible. ANI

Why it gets tougher to get a good night's sleep as we get older
A new study has provided new insights into why older people have difficulty sleeping and adjusting to time changes. ANI

Gene responsible for lung cancer spread identified
A major challenge for cancer biologists had been to find out which among the hundreds of genetic mutations found in a cancer cell are most important for driving the cancer's spread. But, now with a new technique MIT scientists have found the genes responsible for this. ANI

Brisk 30-minute daily walk halts cognitive impairment in older adults
Two studies have indicated that engaging in regular physical activity is associated with a lesser decline in cognitive function in older adults. ANI

Lethal 'Bath Salts' designer drug causing wave of fatalities in US
Emergency wards of hospitals in the United States are being flooded with patients who are exhibiting signs of psychosis and violent behaviour as a result of consuming a new powerful designer drug. ANI

Time and numbers are interlocked in the brain
Our minds are like clocks when it comes to time and numbers, according to a new study. ANI

Males do get females flocking in with their 'Axe effect'
Just like those body-spray commercials wherein young men attract hordes of beautiful women by dousing themselves with fragrance, male songbirds draw attention to themselves through their own special chemical communication, a new study has shown. ANI

Stopping food from being physiological 'drug of choice' secret to dieting success
Reducing variety in food choices may represent an important strategy for those trying to lose weight, according to a new research. ANI

Mums with breastfeeding difficulties at high risk of postnatal depression
The first few weeks after childbirth are a critical period for mother and newborn. ANI

Taking anti-depressants doubles risk of major depression relapse
A new study has found that patients who use anti-depressants are much more likely to suffer relapses of major depression than those who use no medication at all. ANI

Kidney dopamine regulates renal function, blood pressure and life span
Scientists at the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre have found that dopamine produced outside the brain - in the kidneys - is important for renal function, blood pressure regulation and our life span. ANI

Why we get 'spooked out' watching human-like robot 'Data' in 'Star Trek'
Scientists have explained why we find human-like robots such as Data from 'Star Trek' uncomfortable to watch. It is because they spark conflict in our brains. ANI

Twin NASA probes successfully enter lunar orbit
After two years of space travel in the Earth's orbit, the twin NASA probes have finally reached the Moon. ANI

People hooked to social networking sites are the loneliest
A national survey by Relationships Australia has indicated that Generation Y, who always stays connected with others through social networking sites, is the loneliest generation. ANI

Ancient footprints show human-like walking began 4m years ago
Human-like feet were made for walking 2 million years earlier than thought, according to a new research. ANI

Millenia-old mystery of elongation of embryos during pregnancy solved
Israeli scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have finally revealed how a disc-like cluster of cells transforms within the first month of pregnancy into an elongated embryo, the mechanism which has been a mystery for millennia. ANI

NASA's 30-yr-old space shuttle program to end tomorrow
Space shuttle Atlantis has undocked from the International Space Station (ISS) and is scheduled to make its final landing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Thursday, ending NASA' space shuttle program spanning three decades. ANI

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