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Technology News on July 18, 2011

1st humans who left Africa had a population of just 1000!
The population of the first humans and their descendants to leave Africa thousands of years ago shrunk to little more than 1,000 before expanding rapidly, according to a new study. ANI

Women 'urged not to rely on IVF treatments to have kids after 30'
A major study, carried out at the University of Glasgow, has warned that women must not assume that they can delay motherhood and rely on IVF. ANI

Soon, a pill that can extend your lifespan!
An American research team is claiming to have found a potential target to extend lifespan, but is yet to start trials on humans. ANI

Now, a basketball sized 'Flying Object' for search, rescue operations
A 'Futuristic Circular Flying Object' has been built by a Japanese developer for search and rescue operations, specifically to fly in and out of buildings weakened by earthquakes or other natural disasters. ANI

Unhealthy lifestyles sending cancer rates soaring among middle aged
Obesity, heavy drinking and a 'couch potato' lifestyle is fuelling a 20 percent rise in cancer among the middle aged, a new research has warned. ANI

Want true love? Find a partner who's just like you
Your best hope of lasting romance is to find a partner just like you instead of being with someone who is out of your league, according to a new research. ANI

Now, high-tech gadget that turns mobile phone into heart monitor
Scientists have developed a new high-tech gadget that can turn a mobile phone into a powerful medical tool that is able to detect heart problems. ANI

Now, Google News to award badges to voracious readers
Search engine giant Google will now allow its avid 'News' readers to earn badges for reading their favourite articles and sharing them with others. ANI

Deadly party drug 'Meow Meow' still a rave with partygoers despite ban
Though deadly party drug mephedrone had been banned last year, there is little evidence that the move has affected its popularity, according to research. ANI

Kitesurfers set to create world record by kiteboarding from Alaska to Russia!
A team of kitesurfers are set to create a world record by kiteboarding across the Bering Sea, a 56 mile stretch of Pacific Ocean between Alaska and Russia. ANI

New cardiac CT scanners safer for kids than ever been
Recent technological advancements in coronary computed tomography angiography have significantly reduced the anesthesia and invasive access risk associated with the treatment for children, according to a new study. ANI

Soon, a test to tell your infection risk!
A team of scientists, including one of Indian-origin, is reporting on a detection method, which could be used to detect harmful bacteria in our bodies before an infection takes over. ANI

Current depression increases the risk of crack use
Women who are clinically depressed at the time they enter drug court are four times likelier to use crack within four months, compared to women who had been depressed at some point in their past, according to a new study. ANI

Natural vitamin E can protect brain post stroke
A natural form of vitamin E called alpha-tocotrienol, if used for 10 weeks as preventive supplementation, can protect against brain damage after a stroke, a new study involving an Indian-origin researcher has shown. ANI

Compound to block signalling of cancer-causing protein developed
Scientists have developed a compound that blocks signalling from a protein implicated in many types of cancer. ANI

Your choice of fabrics lies in your hormones!
Wondering why some of us love to wear cotton or linen than silk? Well, it's all in the hormones. ANI

German unions call for 'short, lunchtime power nap' as part of working day
In a bid to be more skilful in work, German unions have called for a return to official siestas as part of the working day. ANI

How mole got its extra 'thumb'
Most pawed animals have 10 fingers but one of the main exceptions is the little mole: it has an extra 'thumb'. But how this extra thumb, which it rests upon while digging and thus increases the size of its digging apparatus, develops in mole was unknown, until now. ANI

Scientists develop 'better way' for growing adult stem cells
Scientists have found a "better way" of growing adult stem cells by developing a new plastic surface, which can overcome difficulties associated with the process. ANI

'Women sext more than men'
Women are more likely to send nude photographs or sexually explicit text messages than men, a new study has revealed. ANI

After 4-yr journey, NASA's Dawn spacecraft reaches asteroid Vesta
After a nearly four-year journey, NASA's Dawn spacecraft has entered the orbit around the asteroid Vesta early Saturday morning, the first mission that has entered the orbit around a main-belt asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. ANI

Want to age successfully? Focus on the positive
Ageing is something that bothers most of us. Nothing is more frightening than waking up with more wrinkles and fine lines all over our face. But the truth is we all will age at some point of time. ANI

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