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Technology News on July 17, 2011

Coming soon! LED wallpapers that glow in palate of colours, soften noises
Phillips has announced plans to develop LED-illuminated wallpapers that absorb sound and glow in a palate of colours according to the user's specifications. ANI

Now, a smartphone app to ward off mosquitoes!
Japanese software maker Sea's Garden has introduced a new smartphone application, which can actually keep the mosquitoes away. ANI

70 genetic mutations lead to colon cancer, not 'eight to 15': Study
At least 70 genetic mutations are involved in the formation of colon cancer, far more than scientists previously thought, a new research has revealed. ANI

Soon, 'robo-nurses' to care of the sick and elderly
A research team from the Queen Mary University and the University College London is trying to develop socially conscious robots that can interact with humans by recognizing their facial expressions, and responding accordingly. ANI

Good parent-child relationship more effective than banning violent games
A Kansas State University professor has expressed that a good parent-child relationship could better help counter violence in video games rather than banning the games completely. ANI

Soon, crystal ball may reveal terrorists' threats
Scientists at Wake Forest University and Fisk University have partnered to develop crystals that can be used to detect nuclear threats, radioactive material or chemical bombs more accurately and affordably. ANI

Techniques from weight-loss surgery may transform diabetes therapy
Techniques from weight-loss surgery can be used to improve blood glucose levels and correct a major complication in people with diabetes, New York surgeons say. ANI

Soon, 'smart' shades to help you fight blinding glare from the sun
No matter how expensive your sunglasses may be, it fails to protect you from the sun's blinding glare. ANI

Hotmail to block 'easy-to-guess' passwords like '123456,' 'ilovecats'
Microsoft will ask Hotmail users, who have chosen common passwords, to change them as part of an effort to increase the security of its popular webmail service. ANI

'Harry Potter' books cast a spell on medical studies
'Harry Potter' series were not just box office hits, but the popular wizard characters have become a basis for many medical studies. ANI

Social media influencing employees to be honest
A communication expert has said that social media are influencing employees to speak the truth in fear of being seen by their bosses, who could sack them for lying. ANI

Recording of Thomas Edison's talking doll heard again after 123 years
Scientists have been able to make a 123-year-old talking doll made by Thomas Edison sing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star' once again. ANI

Low women user base could block Google+ from overtaking Facebook, LinkedIn
New statistics have revealed that three quarters of Google+ users are men. ANI

Here's how men and women differ when checking out a sexy bikini-clad babe
A new study by market research firm EyeTrackShop, which provides opt-in eye tracking tests via webcams for corporate clients, has thrown up interesting insights on where the eyes of men and women are drawn when they look at ads showing beautiful bikini-clad women. ANI

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