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Technology News on July 13, 2011

Holding smartphones too near while reading messages can hamper your vision
A new study has suggested that smart phone users reading text messages and internet pages hold their devices at a closer distance than they would for printed text-which may have important implications for prescribing vision correction. ANI

Now, lightweight solar cells that can be printed on paper
Scientists have developed lightweight solar cells that can be printed on paper, be scrunched up like an accordion and still conduct electricity. ANI

Biomarker for autism identified in part of brain related with empathy
Researchers at the University of Cambridge have claimed that they have found a "biomarker" of autism. ANI

Feeling connected to our future selves can help us spend less, save more
A new study has revealed that those people who feel more connected to their future selves make more patient choices when it comes to financial decision-making. ANI

New note-taking software helps blind see the board and type at same time
A team of scientists from Arizona State University has designed a portable device that increases the speed of note-taking. ANI

Now, a watch that's a watch, GPS, MP3, phone, heart rate monitor and ...!
Frequent joggers know that it's best to keep a light load when exercising. ANI

Newts can re-grow eye lens lifelong unaffected by age, repeated injury
Newts are masters of regeneration with its remarkable ability to re-grow the lens of their eyes over and over again for as long as they live, a new research has revealed. ANI

Gene variation linked to raised risk of sudden cardiac death identified
Researchers have discovered a gene variation that may double the risk of sudden cardiac death. ANI

Smelly socks may rid mankind of malaria scourge
Smelly socks can lure four times as many malaria-spreading mosquitoes than are drawn to people into a trap, that can then kill the bloodsucking creatures with a lethal dose of insecticide, scientists in Tanzania have found. ANI

Training teens to be positive may help do away with negativity, anxiety
A new study has found that when teenagers are trained to look at social situations positively they are less likely to be negative or anxious in adult life. ANI

Like drugs and alcohol, people can be addicted to foods also
A new study has suggested that people can become addicted to foods and exhibit behaviours similar to those of drug addicts or alcoholics. ANI

DVD alloys can help make brain-like computer
The material that helps in recording on DVDs could soon lead to the development of brain-like computers that, crucially, operate at ultra-low power levels. ANI

Terrain beneath glaciers influences impact on sea levels
A study has found that the terrain beneath glaciers can help scientists better predict the impact of changing climates on global sea levels. ANI

7 DNA regions that influence prostate cancer risk discovered
It is well known that men with relatives who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer have an elevated risk of developing this type of cancer. ANI

Eating nuts daily could help control Type 2 diabetes, prevent complications
New research has found that eating nuts everyday could help control Type 2 diabetes and prevent its complications. ANI

Coming soon: Sunglasses that can change colour rapidly!
A method for creating quick-changing, variable colours in films and displays, such as sunglasses, that could lead to the next hot fashion accessory has been perfected by a University of Connecticut scientist. ANI

'Last dinosaur' fossil backs asteroid extinction theory
Researchers from Yale University have discovered the youngest dinosaur preserved in the fossil record before the catastrophic meteor impact 65 million years ago. ANI

New means of overcoming antiviral resistance in influenza found
A study has found a new approach to the creation of customized therapies for virulent flu strains that resist current antiviral drugs. ANI

Mechanism that 'bodyguards' brain from aging identified
Researchers assume that factors such as stress, accumulation of toxic waste products as well as inflammation accelerate aging. But, vice versa, there are also mechanisms that can - like a bodyguard - protect the brain from degenerating, or repair defective structures. ANI

TV shows pitting fame behind rise of narcissistic culture in today's kids
The values of popular children television shows have changed dramatically over the past 10 years, with fame now being emphasized as the most important thing, according to a new study. ANI

'Men more likely to die from cancer than women'
A new study has found that overall cancer mortality rates are higher for men than women in the United States. ANI

Essential molecule to get 'body clocks' back in sync identified
Research has earlier shown that light is the key to getting our 'body clocks' back in sync, and now a new study by researchers from Queen Mary, University of London, who explored the resynchronisation mechanism in insects, have discovered a molecule essential to the process. ANI

Chinese herb for treating leukaemia may help treat brain tumours too
A new study has found that the active ingredient in a traditional Chinese herb might help treat deadly brain tumours ANI

Your mum was right: Good posture actually makes you strong
Have you ever thought why your mother always told you to 'stop slouching and sit up straight'? She knows that poor posture not only makes a bad first impression, but can also make you physically weaker, according to a new research. ANI

How Boremys turtles survived meteor impact that wiped out dinosaurs
A look at the fossilized remains of animals from the dinosaur period has revealed how the Boremys river turtle survived it while most were wiped out by a meteorite strike 65 million-years-ago. ANI

Smokers largely unreceptive to shocking images on cigarette packs
The shocking images of smokers' lungs and tumors on cigarette packs hardly have any effect on the majority of addicts, according to a new research. ANI

Prettier sites more likely to catch roving surfers
Just like beautiful women make fantastic con people because they earn men's trust very quickly, a similar thing can be seen with websites. ANI

Loch Ness monster, Abominable Snowman might actually exist: experts
Experts in marine life have claimed that monsters, such as the Loch Ness monster and the Abominable Snowman, which have been sighted in records, might actually exist in reality. ANI

Soon, teeth lost to decay or injury may be 'grown' again
For the first time, scientists from the Tokyo University of Science have grown fully formed teeth from stem cells. ANI

Neptune completes 1st orbit around Sun since discovery in 1846
For astronomers, it has been nearly 165 years since Neptune was discovered in 1846. But for Neptune, it has been just one circuit around the Sun. ANI

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