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Technology News on July 1, 2011

MRI images reveal live spider's 'double beating heart'
A new research has shown a possible 'double beating' occurring inside the heart of a spider, captured by a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan. ANI

'Spoon-feeding' discourages kids from exploring new objects
A new study has shown that explicit instructions given to children make them less likely to engage in spontaneous exploration and discovery. ANI

MicroRNAs in zebra finch's brain respond to new songs!
A recent study has shown that microRNAs in the Central Australian bird zebra finch respond when the feathered friend hears a new song. ANI

Zinc keeps 'two-faced cohort' in check to prevent diabetes damage
A new study led by an Indian professor has revealed that zinc keeps a protein called amylin in check and acts like a security guard in preventing major damage from diabetes. ANI

NASA to glimpse adolescent universe from revolutionary instrument on a chip
NASA scientists hoping to get a glimpse of the adolescent universe may finally do so from a revolutionary instrument on a chip called MicroSpec. he new instrument, being developed at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, is a far-infrared spectrometer that will be 10,000 times more sensitive and many times smaller than similar existing devices. ANI

How bacteria in our guts make themselves at home
Lactobacillus reuteri is a species of bacterium that is naturally present in the intestines of a large host range, from humans to rodents and birds. ANI

ESA's gamma-ray observations challenge physics beyond Einstein
The underlying quantum 'graininess' of space must be at much smaller scales than previously predicted, a new study has revealed, which will dramatically affect the search for physics beyond Einstein. ANI

Sex doll makers invent human look-alike robot for dentists to work on
A sex doll maker has invented a robot that can open its mouth, cough, sneeze and talk just like a human, for young dentists to train on. ANI

Dust on office surfaces expose people to chemicals in flame-retardants
A study has found that dust on office surfaces can expose people to harmful chemicals from flame-retardants. ANI

Climate change 'ups risk of ozone damage to vegetation'
A new study has shown that climate change can significantly increase the risk of ozone damage to plants, especially in northern and central Europe by the end of this century. ANI

HSBC faces US investigation for holding 870m pounds of Gaddafi's assets
The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) faces a U.S. bribery inquiry for keeping hundreds of millions of pounds in assets belonging to Libya leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi. ANI

Gene variation that doubles chance of sudden cardiac arrest identified
A study, led by an Indian-origin researcher, has uncovered a novel genetic variation that may double the chance of sudden cardiac arrest, a disorder that gives little warning and is fatal in about 95 percent of cases. ANI

Herbal medicine treatment reduces inflammation in allergen-induced asthma
Researchers have found that a traditional Korean medicine that has long been used for the treatment of allergic diseases in Asia can reduce inflammation in allergen-induced asthma. ANI

New low-cost antivenom gives hope to developing countries
The development of a new low-cost antivenom against a lethal snake could encourage many developing countries, such as Papua New Guinea, to produce their own. ANI

Scientists study physics of Tibetan singing bowls
A study has found how the physics involved in Tibetan singing bowls could benefit other processes. ANI

'Indestructible' botnet virus attacking Windows PCs globally!
Software security experts have warned that cracking the TDL-4 botnet is not going to be easy, terming it as 'indestructible'. ANI

Cheap, off-patent drug tranexamic acid may pave way for head injury treatment
Tranexamic acid has the potential to prevent people dying from head injuries, a new research has suggested. ANI

Coming soon! 'Event cloaks' that can hide robbers from CCTV cameras
It will be good news for robbers. Scientists have described a new type of invisibility cloak that does not just hide objects - but events. ANI

Why people are less likely to remember faces from other racial groups
A new research has shed light on a well documented phenomenon known as the "other-race effect," that explains why people are less likely to remember a face from a racial group different from their own. ANI

Suffering from ankle sprains? Check your foot positioning
A University of Georgia kinesiology researcher has suggested that the position of the foot just before ground contact during running and walking may put people at risk for ankle sprains. ANI

Men better at hearing, watching than women, finds study
Men often take less time parking their cars and have less trouble than women in navigating in a new city, meaning men excel in what are known as visuo-spatial abilities. ANI

Here's what dino-era birds' feathers looked like 100 million yrs ago
Scientists at the Department of Energy's SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have discovered chemical traces of a pigment that gave colour to the feathers of first birds, around 100 million years ago, when their relatives, the dinosaurs, still ruled the Earth. ANI

Now, an iPhone app that checks number of men, women in a bar/club
Finding the guy-to-girl ratio in a bar is now possible with the latest iPhone application developed by a software company that keeps a count of how many men and women are present there. ANI

Single brain stem cell 'can replace itself, generate new ones'
A new study has shown that a lone brain stem cell is capable of replacing itself and giving rise to specialized neurons and glia (important types of brain cells). ANI

Strong mobile phone radiation can disturb learning, finds study
Mobile phones are an integral part of modern telecommunications. The effect of mobile phone radiation on human health has always been a controversial subject. Now, neuroscientists from Bochum have for the first time explained the effects of high frequency electromagnetic fields (HEFs) derived from mobile phones. ANI

How social pressure triggers false memories
According to a new study, a bit of social pressure may be able to falsify memories because of the surprising connection between our social selves and the memory. ANI

Coming soon: GE pigs' organs that are safe for human transplantation
Chinese scientists, who discovered unique genetic alterations in pig tissue, have suggested that genetically engineered organs from this animal could one day be successfully transplanted into humans. ANI

Sea urchins see with their entire body despite having no eyes at all
Scientists have found that sea urchins see with their entire body despite having no eyes at all. ANI

Babies 'recognise human voices, emotions at 3 months'
A report has indicated that young babies' brains are already specially attuned to the sounds of human voices and emotions.hree- to seven-month-old infants showed more activation in a part of the brain when they heard emotionally neutral human sounds, such as coughing, sneezing, or yawning, than when they heard the familiar sounds of toys or water. ANI

'Wonder pill' containing entire 5-a-day quota of fruit and veg goes for sale
A 'wonder pill' that claims to contain all five portions of fruits and vegetables has hit the market shelves. ANI

Planes 'can cause rain and snow near airports when they take off and land'
Areas near commercial airports sometimes experience a small but measurable increase in rain and snow when aircraft take off and land under certain atmospheric conditions, researchers have found. ANI

Distant galaxies 'more like grazing cows than voracious tigers'
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered that contrary to previous findings, galaxies in the distant universe continuously ingested their star-making fuel over long periods of time. ANI

'Zombie' stars can help reveal history of the universe's expansion
Scientists have claimed that a special category of stars, known as Type Ia supernovae or 'Zombie' stars, can help to probe the mystery of dark energy, which they believe is related to the expansion of the universe. ANI

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