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Technology News on January 4, 2011

Lupin seeds can be used to produce low-fat, exquisite sausage products
Our planet, with its limited farmland resources, will find it difficult to meet the already growing demand for meat products, which is likely to double by 2050. ANI

Personality traits affect quality of life following br*ast reconstruction
Scientists have discovered that certain personality traits are linked to higher quality-of-life scores in br*ast cancer patients, who undergo br*ast reconstruction after mastectomy. ANI

Unexpected biological pathway in glaucoma discovered
Researchers have identified a new and unexpected biological pathway that apparently contributes to the development of glaucoma and its resulting vision loss. ANI

How CO2 can be used to impregnate plastics
Despite being the main contributor to global warming, carbon dioxide really does have some beneficial features. ANI

Estrogen may promote spread of precancerous cells in oral cavity
Researchers at Fox Chase Cancer Center have found that estrogen may increase the movement of precancerous cells in the mouth and thus promote the spread of the disease within the oral cavity. ANI

Scientists convert LHC data into music!
Scientists have turned the 40 million pieces of data processed by the Large Hardon Collider into sound. ANI

Swiss company creates device 'that can produce man-made rain'
A Swiss company claims to have a device that can create rain, hail and even lightning. ANI

Qantas planning 'green' planes that will fly using 'rubbish' as fuel
Qantas is planning to use rubbish in an effort to power the airline's fleet with greener fuel, for which it will build a biofuel plant in Sydney. ANI

'Psychedelic' drug salvia shows promise against addiction
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University Medical School are considering the therapeutic role of the drug Salvia, which usually causes an intense psychedelic experience. ANI

Fireworks likely cause of Arkansas bird deaths
Fireworks may have caused thousands of birds to fall from the sky over an Arkansas town on New Year's Eve, according to US scientists. ANI

Facebook founder's fortune doubles to œ9bn
The personal fortune of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has doubled to 9 billion pounds after his social networking site got a huge cash injection from Goldman Sachs. ANI

New discovery may help fight br*ast cancer
Scientists have made a new discovery, which may become a new weapon in fight against br*ast cancer. ANI

Mums play key role in convincing daughters to receive HPV vaccine
New research has suggested that mothers can play a key role in convincing college-aged women to receive the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, intended to prevent the most common sexually transmitted infection. ANI

Thinking about ancestors 'can boost chances of success in exams'
Spending a few minutes thinking about your ancestors before an exam or job interview can significantly boost your chances of success, according to scientists at the University of Graz in Austria. ANI

Fruit flies shed light on parallels between cancer development, infection
A new study from The City College of New York has successfully drawn parallels between infection and the way blood cancer develops, specifically in fruit flies. ANI

Kids often exposed to imaging procedures that use radiation
A new study led by University of Michigan researchers has shown that parents and doctors need to exercise caution before children are exposed to radiation during imaging procedures. ANI

How wine glasses indicate social shifts in ancient Greece over 500yrs
Even a seemingly small change in wine glasses can indicate social, cultural and economic changes in ancient Greece over the last 500 years, and that's exactly what a team from University of Cincinnati is analysing. ANI

English to be replaced by Chinese as most popular language on Internet
English is currently the most popular language on the Internet, but its era of dominance seems to be coming to an end. ANI

Tomb of King Tut's wife may emerge in 2011
The tomb of King Tut's wife, a buried pyramid, and the final resting place of Cleopatra are some of the potential discoveries of 2011, according to a prominent Egyptologist. ANI

Soon, 'self-adjusting' electric wheelchairs to detect hazardous terrain
Life may soon get a little easier for those stuck to wheelchairs. Researchers are working on technology that will enable electric-powered wheelchairs to detect hazardous terrain and automatically adjust their control settings to move more safely. ANI

Do plants hold the key to fighting jet lag?
Scientists have suggested that the way plants adjust to having less sunlight in winter could help shed light on the impact of shift work and jet lag on people. ANI

Mediterranean diet keeps the brain fit
A new study has revealed that a Mediterranean diet could be the secret to keeping your brain in good working order in old age. ANI

Why being grossed out by poo is good for you!
Imagine seeing maggots. Or worms, or even poo. Disgusted? Probably, but a new study believes that it is good for you to get grossed out by such things. ANI

Breakthrough: Culprit's DNA can be used to predict probable hair colour
Scientists have found that DNA extracted from a person's blood, sperm, saliva or other biological materials can be used to predict people's probable hair colour. ANI

Scientists discover protein that arrests cancer-spreading enzyme
Scientists at The University of Texas have discovered a protein that arrests an enzyme that may worsen and spread cancer. ANI

New genetic variants linked to height identified
A new study has identified uncommon and previously unknown genetic variants that determine how tall a person will be. ANI

How anti-smoking drugs may curb cravings
Experts have suggested that two drugs that help smokers kick the butt - bupropion and varenicline - may be associated with changes in the way the brain reacts to smoking cues, making it easier for patients to resist cravings. ANI

Even facial bones show signs of aging
Ever wondered what makes us look older? A new study has revealed that wrinkles and sagging result not only from changes in the skin, but also from aging-related changes in the facial bones. ANI

Genes help determine our susceptibility to depression
Scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered new evidence that our genes play a vital role in determining our susceptibility to depression. ANI

World's oldest known human ancestor was 'threatened by sabre tooth cats'
A team of palaeontologists has come to the conclusion that the world's oldest known human ancestor was threatened by sabretooth species. ANI

New fertility treatment gives fresh hope to IVF women
IVF failures may soon become a thing of the past, as a new fertility treatment can increase success rates fivefold, say new studies ANI

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