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Technology News on January 31, 2011

New method that detects fingerprints containing condom lubricants
Identifying sexual offenders may now get easier with the help of a new method that can detect fingerprints containing condom lubricants left behind. ANI

Scot scientists pull fingerprints from fabrics
Scottish scientists have pioneered a new technique that could help solve more serious crimes and change the face of forensics forever. ANI

Using 3-D X-rays for orthodontic kids may up radiation risk
Researchers have indicated that some orthodontists may be exposing young patients to unnecessary radiation when they order 3-D X-ray imaging for simple orthodontic cases before considering traditional 2-D imaging. very small number of orthodontists utilize the 3-D imaging on a routine basis when developing a treatment plan, and this raises concerns of unnecessary radiation exposure. ANI

Super Bowl loss 'ups cardiac death rates'
A new study has revealed that Super Bowl loss for a home team is likely to increase death rates in older men and women. ANI

New drug restores responsiveness to morphine
Scientists have found that a drug called etanercept can restore responsiveness to the pain-relieving effects of morphine in rats that have developed morphine tolerance. ANI

Fast, accurate test to diagnose CJD developed
Researchers have developed a highly sensitive assay that could change the way to diagnose the degenerative neurological condition Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD), providing a fast, accurate alternative for early diagnosis of this rare but deadly condition. ANI

'Darwin Gap' quake may shake Chile once again
A fault line in Chile that shook Charles Darwin during his voyages in 1835, and ripped again last year, may strike again. ANI

Brit stargazers urge UK public to 'count stars to see effect of pollution'
A Brit survey proposed to measure the effect of light pollution on the night sky has found that more than 83 percent of people had their view of the night sky affected by the pollution. ANI

Internet 'kill switch' legislation re-surfaces
It seems that the so-called Internet "kill switch" legislation has resurfaced, according to the proposal's chief sponsor. ANI

New 'iron sandwich' solar cells could help 'buildings generate electricity'
Scientists at Melbourne's Monash University have developed a new generation of solar cells that they say could lead to significant improvements in solar panel efficiency. ANI

Dirty denims aren't as grimy as you think!
Denims stay surprisingly clean even after being worn for more than a year without washing, according to an experiment carried out "just for fun" by a Canadian university student and his professor. ANI

Bugs that control s*x of female spiders' offspring by killing male embryos
A new study has found that female spiders are at the mercy of certain parasitic bugs that kills of their embryonic sons. ANI

Popular energy shots nothing but 'caffeinated, sour tasting water'
Experts have said that the latest 'energy- shots' that seem to have caught everyone's fancy may be nothing but slightly caffeinated, sour-tasting water. ANI

Now, 100K times more efficient transistors possible using molybdenite
Smaller and more energy-efficient electronic chips are on their way as Swiss scientists have found a material-molybdenite- that has distinct advantages over traditional silicon or graphene for use in electronics applications. ANI

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