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Technology News on January 30, 2011

New weapon against Internet pirates to save movie industry
Two Ballarat computer scientists have written a program, which can act as weapon against Internet pirates. ANI

Body size matters when it comes to paychecks: Study
'Men should be big and strong, and women skinny' - a cultural lesson drilled into our heads ever since we were tots. ANI

iGrill to revolutionize the way we cook and grill
Now you can spend quality time with your family and friends without compromising the quality of your cuisine, courtesy iGrill - a cooking thermometer that allows the host of a barbecue socialise with guests without having to worry about what's sizzling or - more to the point - burning ANI

Blood-clotting bandage to help save lives on the battlefield
Scottish scientists are developing a new chemical bandage that will help save lives on the battlefield by instantly helping to clot blood and staunch wounds. ANI

What your mobile phone says about you
New research has found that mobile phones say quite a lot about their owners. ANI

Ancient Roman love was about s*x, lust and death
While modern day definition of love includes sharing, caring and friendship, for ancient Roman lovers it was nothing more than sexual pleasure, says a Hamilton College Classics Professor. ANI

Less time with fathers 'can lead kids to bullying'
Children who feel they do not get to spend sufficient time with their fathers are more likely to become bullies, new research suggests. ANI

Bad taste in music really can ruin a relationship
Wondering why your last relationship ended on the wrong note? Well, the reason could be your taste in music. ANI

Getting mad at your spouse may be the secret to a happy married life
It may not be a good idea to forgive your spouse for all the mistakes, as those who do are more likely to face additional bad behavior compared to those who stay angry, suggests a new study. ANI

A man's stare causes women to score low on math!
A new study claims that getting stared at by a man causes a woman to score low in math problems. ANI

New, self-healing sticky gel that sticks underwater too
Scientists are on their way to creating a new type of self-healing sticky gel that could be used as an adhesive or coating for underwater machinery or in biomedical settings as a surgical adhesive or bonding agent for implants. ANI

Where does our sense of time come from?
A new research has found that humans use their senses to help keep track of short intervals of time, and this suggests that our perception of time is not maintained by an internal body clock alone. ANI

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