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Technology News on January 3, 2011

Clinical trials under way to test anti-obesity compound on humans
Researchers have begun clinical trials to find out how well an anti-obesity compound derived from a Chinese herb works in humans. ANI

Justin Bieber is the world's most influential person: Klout
A website that calculates the impact of online activity such as posting messages and status updates, is slated to be the next big thing in social media. ANI

The guide to 'Colonizing the Red Planet'
A manned mission to Mars would be the greatest adventure in the history of the human race and one man has penned a book on how to make it a reality. ANI

Fish may have once swum across the Sahara
A new discovery that fish may have once swum across the Sahara could shed light on how humanity made its way out of Africa, say researchers. ANI

1600-year-old Mayan King's tomb discovered in Guatemala
Archaeologists have discovered a tomb of an ancient Mayan king in Guatemala, filled with materials that have been preserved for approximately 1,600 years. ANI

Ancient 8-foot sea scorpions not as frightening as previously thought
Huge ancient sea scorpions, believed to be terrors of the seas 470 million to 370 million years ago, long before the dinosaurs appeared, might actually have been timid scavengers or even vegetarians, according to U.S. researchers. ANI

Anger at God 'common during difficult times'
Almost everyone experiences anger toward God at some point in their lives, says an expert. ANI

Simple rubber device sheds light on how birds produce complex songs
A group of US scientists, including an Indian-origin boffin, has developed a simple rubber device that replicates complex bird songs. ANI

Disrupted routine makes healthy cats act sick: Study
The next time your cat vomits hairballs or refuses to eat, don't think she is being finicky, as she might just be acting sick because of the stress caused by changes in its environment, suggests a new study. ANI

Vegetable diet 'gives you daughters'
Want to have a daughter? Well, then go on a fruit and vegetable diet, say Dutch scientists. ANI

'Emotional intelligence' sharpens as we enter our 60s
Psychologists from the University of California, Berkeley have found that older people have a hard time keeping a lid on their feelings, especially when watching heartbreaking or disgusting scenes in movies and reality shows. ANI

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