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Technology News on January 26, 2011

New technique that makes LEDs more efficient developed
Researchers have now developed a new technique that reduces defects in light-emitting diodes (LEDs), thus making it more efficient. ANI

New study may provide clues to treating a variety of mental disorders
A new study by the University of Missouri Brain Imaging Center (BIC) may provide researchers clues to treating a variety of mental disorders. ANI

Bond's Ericsson-controlled BMW comes to life - with Nokia C7
Remember watching James Bond control a BMW using his Ericsson mobile phone? Anyone who has ever played with a remote-control car might have dreamt of this moment - driving a real BMW down the road using his or her smartphone. ANI

How hormonal and molecular responses to exercise differ by age
A new study has revealed that differences in muscle responses to exercise in older versus younger men also reflect differences on the hormonal, molecular, and gene-expression level. ANI

Obese pregnant women 'more likely to have complicated births'
A new study at Liverpool University has found that overweight pregnant women are more likely to be overdue and have more complicated births. ANI

New method to fight bacterial infections linked to contact lenses
Scientists have found a new method to fight bacterial infections associated with contact lenses. ANI

Taking help of math to predict, prevent future extinctions
Researchers at the Northwestern University have developed a mathematical model that illustrates how human intervention may effectively aid species conservation efforts. ANI

New materials could make invisibility cloak technology a reality
Researchers at Purdue University are developing a new class of 'plasmonic metamaterials' as potential building blocks for advanced optical technologies, including ultrapowerful microscopes and computers, improved solar cells, and a possible invisibility cloak. ANI

New find may offer protection against hepatitis C treatment-related anemia
Scientists have discovered two functional variants in the inosine triphosphatase (ITPA) gene that protect patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) against anemia brought on by antiviral treatment. ANI

Hungry chicks have unique calls for getting parents' attention
A new study has found that bird babies have unique calls when trying to get their parents' attention. ANI

Kids know which brands deliver what they want: salt, sugar and fat
A research has indicated that a child's preference for certain tastes mostly includes salty, sugary and fatty foods; what's more, they know exactly which food brands will deliver what they like. ANI

Deadly superbugs can come from animal farms too
It's not only hospitals, superbugs could be also coming from our animal farms, suggests a new study. ANI

Psychopaths lack empathy just like patients with frontal head injury
A University of Haifa study has suggested that people diagnosed as psychopathic have difficulty showing empathy, just like patients who have suffered frontal head injury. ANI

Caffeine boosts virus production for gene therapy applications
If caffeine is given to cells engineered to produce viruses used for gene therapy, then cells can generate three to eight times more virus, suggests a study. ANI

New dishware sanitizers 'more effective at killing harmful bacteria'
Ohio State University researchers tested two new dishware sanitizers, and found them to be more effective at removing bacteria from restaurant dishes than traditional sanitizers. ANI

Motorbikes 'to get car-like safe driving aids'
Riding a bike is likely to become safer, as scientists are considering installing features like collision detection in the two-wheelers more usually found on cars. ANI

Protection of large-scale landscapes could triple Tiger numbers in Asia
Some of the world's leading conservation scientists have suggested that Asia's tiger reserves could support more than 10,000 wild tigers - 3 times the current number - if they are managed as large-scale landscapes that allow for connectivity between core breeding sites. ANI

NASA to explore possibility of beamed energy propulsion for space launch
NASA is conducting studies to examine whether beamed energy propulsion can be used for launching crafts in space. ANI

1700-yr-old Stratford-upon-Avon African skeleton found was Roman troop
Archaeologists believe that a 1700-year-old skeleton of an African man found in Stratford-upon-Avon shows that he was in fact, a Roman soldier. ANI

Elderly drivers' habits could give clues about schizophrenia, depression
A study of why the elderly are not very good drivers could help scientists understand schizophrenia and depression. ANI

Winners have higher testosterone levels: Study
A new study has revealed that the winners of wrestling matches have greater increases in testosterone levels than losers. ANI

Hackers leave 'let the hacking begin' post on Mark Zuckerberg's fan page
It looks like Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg's fan page has been targeted by hackers, who penned a message from the billionaire himself suggesting the social networking site be turned into a charity-focused business. ANI

Rogue storm system caused devastating Pakistan floods
Scientists have found that the disastrous floods that hit Pakistan last summer were caused by a rogue weather system that wandered hundreds of miles farther west than is normal for such systems. ANI

Polar bear's record 9-day continuous swim blamed on global warming
Scientists studying bears around the Beaufort Sea, north of Alaska, have revealed that a polar bear swam continuously for over nine days, which could be the result of climate change. ANI

Remains of largest Stone Age building discovered in NW China
Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the largest Stone Age building, thought to be a prehistoric 'town hall', in Northwest China's Shaanxi province. ANI

Workplace noise-related hearing loss may affect quality of sleep
A new study has revealed that continued exposure to loud workplace noise may affect the quality of sleep in workers with occupational-related hearing loss. ANI

Shunt surgery 'improves' dementia patients' mental function
Swedish researchers have shown that a shunt surgery could improve the mental function and the ability to walk in people suffering from dementia as a result of hydrocephalus and white matter changes. ANI

Now, brighten up your smile with LED teeth!
Now you really can light up the room with your smile - thanks to a new trend for LED teeth that's sweeping Japan. ANI

Scientists closer to developing graphene spintronic devices
Physicists from the City University of Hong Kong and the University of Science and Technology of China have taken a huge step toward the development of useful graphene spintronic devices. ANI

T. rex hunted like a lion, did not scavenge like a hyena
A new study has revealed that Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn't a scavenger like a hyena; rather it hunted like a lion. ANI

New computer memory that's faster, greener
US researchers are busy developing a new form of computing memory that is faster, more user-friendly and greener. ANI

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