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Technology News on January 25, 2011

'Breast on-a-chip' to help experts in cancer research
With a large number of women nowadays getting br*ast cancer, developing methods for early diagnosis and subsequent treatment has been a major public health priority. ANI

Practicing retrieval is best tool for learning: Study
Instead of rereading or reviewing the same textbook or other material, it is better to practice retrieval to ensure better learning, according to a new research. ANI

Fish decide quicker, better when in groups: Study
Here's evidence that two heads are better than one in making big decisions. ANI

Why some body organs are more susceptible to cell death than others
A new study has explained why some body organs are more susceptible to cell death than others, which could eventually lead to advances in treating or preventing heart attack or stroke. ANI

Biomarker test shows promise for diagnosis of melanoma
Scientists have found that a test of biomarkers for DNA methylation is technically feasible and could aid in earlier, more precise diagnosis of melanoma. ANI

Pioneering treatment could benefit people with severe depression
Scientists at the University of Bristol say that a neurosurgical treatment could help people who suffer with severe and intractable depression. ANI

Tree species greatly at risk from climate change
Scientists at Hebrew University of Jerusalem have indicated that many tree species might become extinct due to climate change if no action is taken in time. ANI

Be it soil, rock or wood, spiders can change tactics to attract mates
A new study has shown that when courting, spiders can modify their mating strategy depending on the environmental surface (soil, rock, wood, leaves) to attract the female spiders. ANI

We aren't born afraid of spiders and snakes
People aren't born afraid of spiders and snakes, but can learn these fears very quickly during infancy, says a new research. ANI

Longer words get message across faster, more effectively
A new study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge has found that longer words carry more information and therefore, are more efficient in getting a message across. ANI

Social networking 'leads to s*x faster'
Facebook, texting and other social networking tools make new couples to jump into bed faster, reveals a new US survey. ANI

Deep brain stimulation may control hard-to-treat BP
A new case study has found that deep brain stimulation may help control hard-to-treat blood pressure. ANI

Composer Frederic Chopin's hallucinations may be linked to epilepsy
Polish composer Frederic Chopin, who was hounded by hallucinations during his relatively short life, probably had epilepsy, according to a new study. ANI

Some Himalayan glaciers advancing, despite global warming
Some of the Himalayan glaciers are advancing thanks to the presence of debris such as pebbles, rocks, and debris from surrounding mountains, suggests a new study. ANI

Largest volcano 'to erupt after 600,000 yrs, wipe out two-thirds of the U.S'
Scientists have predicted that the world's largest volcano beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming could erupt for the first time in 600,000 years and wipe out 66 percent of the United States. ANI

New cell phone app identifies predatory adults posing as kids
Worried that your child may be being secretly groomed on the Internet by a predatory paedophile? Well, you can take a breather as scientists have developed a new mobile phone application that helps identify adults posing as children. ANI

Why women make more effective politicians
A new study explains why women turn out to be more effective lawmakers in the land. ANI

First parrot-sized dino with only one finger discovered in China
Scientists have discovered a new species of parrot-sized dinosaur that has only one finger, in China. ANI

New 230mn-yr-old predator 'dawn runner' discovered in South America
Experts have announced the discovery of a dinosaur that roamed South America approximately 230 million years ago and have dubbed it the 'dawn runner'. ANI

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