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Technology News on January 23, 2011

Novel peptide 'kills' cancer cells more effective than current therapies
Scientists have discovered a novel peptide that can act as a potent inducer of cancer cell death, which may have significant implications for therapeutic agents used to treat cancer. ANI

New system turns canines into remotely guided 'super dogs'
Auburn University researchers have developed a new system that would turn a canines into remotely guided 'super dogs' that can take on risky tasks. ANI

Stone Age rock shelters in Pakistan facing danger
About 20 rock shelters in Pakistan, some dating back to the Stone Age are under threat from construction work and are facing danger of being destroyed due to the negligence of the authorities. ANI

'Newest' cat Sunda leopard has two distinct species
The 'newest' cat species-the Sunda clouded leopard-exists in reality in two distinct forms, scientists have confirmed. ANI

Dividing stem cells found to play crucial role spread of tumours
Scientists have found that stem cells frequently play a crucial role in the spread of tumours and that if they can develop drugs to deactivate them, it would stop the cells from dividing to create new tumours. ANI

Now, a 100 pounds sticking plaster 'to cure skin cancer at home'
A light-emitting sticking plaster, which could be used at home at a cost of just 100 pounds, could now potentially help thousands of people diagnosed with skin cancer. ANI

Prairie dogs can 'describe humans' in their own 'language'
According to scientists, prairie dogs communicate with each other in a unique language of their own and have the ability to describe humans. ANI

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