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Technology News on January 22, 2011

Simple recall exercises make science learning easier: Study
Putting down those science textbooks and working at recalling information from memory is the new way to boost science learning, suggests a new study. ANI

Cell binding discovery paves way for skin, heart problem treatments
A new University of Manchester study has revealed the mechanism that binds skin cells tightly together. ANI

Birds decorate nest with plastic to keep rivals at bay
A new Spanish study has suggested that black kites decorate its nest with large amounts of rubbish to prevent trespassing. ANI

Greenland ice sheet melted at record rates in 2010
A new study shows that Greenland Ice Sheet set new records for melting in 2010 - the 'exceptional' season stretched up to 50 days longer than average. ANI

Impact of disease-resistant GM wheat on insects 'may be negligible'
A new research has found that the effect of GM wheat plants on insects is minimal. ANI

Soon, sensors that detect everything from explosives to tainted milk
A chemist at University of Houston is developing sensors for detection devices, which could monitor everything from explosives to tainted milk. ANI

T-Mobile offers app that blocks texts, calls while driving
Don't have the willpower to decline calls or texts when you're driving? Well, a German telecom company has come up with an application that does it for you. ANI

For young couples, monogamy is a 'complicated' concept
A new study that examined the concept of monogamy in young married couples found that for many, it's a 'complicated' issue. ANI

New 'torso-rocking walker' has most energy-efficient gait yet discovered
A team of engineers from the Cornell University in Ithaca and the Rochester Institute of Technology has developed a torso-rocking walker that has the most energy-efficient gait of any yet discovered. ANI

Man-made project could turn arid city into an oasis
A new man-made project to pump water from the Red Sea into the dry coastal city of Aqaba, Jordan, could turn it into an oasis. ANI

It's possible to have an active life after disc surgery: Study
A new study has shown that people who have had spine-bruising careers can still resume active lives after back surgery. ANI

8-week mindfulness meditation program changes brain structure
A new study has revealed that participating in an 8-week mindfulness meditation program lead to measurable changes in brain regions associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress. ANI

Function of novel molecule that underlies human deafness revealed
Scientists has revealed that the molecular mechanism underlying deafness is caused by a mutation of a specific microRNA called miR-96. ANI

Facebook 'fuelling divorce epidemic'
If you think that Facebook is a harmless way to keep in touch with friends and family, you are wrong. The social networking site is fuelling divorce epidemic. ANI

Orion's super-giant red star Betelgeuse 'won't explode in 2012'
Experts have said that Betelgeuse, the giant red star in the constellation of Orion, will not explode next year. ANI

Kids warned over Facebook modelling scam
Police in UK have warned parents and children of a Facebook scam involving fake modelling agencies that encourage kids to pose in underwear. ANI

Facebook is now worth $50bn
London, Jan 22 : Facebook has raised 1.5 billion dollars from investors making it the world's most popular social networking site at about 50 billion dollars, which is more than eBay and Time Warner. ANI

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