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Technology News on January 21, 2011

Moth eyes inspire new film to boost solar power
Researchers in Japan have created a new film that when covered onto solar cells, can cut down on the amount of reflected light and help capture more power from the sun. ANI

Vitamin E may extend lifespan of certain men
Vitamin E supplementation may extend the lifespan of restricted groups of men, depending on their vitamin C intake and the level of smoking, according to a new study. ANI

Internet Armageddon is my mistake, says Google chief
Google's chief internet evangelist, Vint Cerf, has said that the world is going to run out of internet addresses 'within weeks' and it will be all his fault. ANI

Are 3D films really bad for you?
There is still no scientific evidence which proves whether the eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness, headaches or nausea reportedly caused by watching 3D content, will cause long term damage, according to experts. ANI

Drug company links 'may have compromised cancer study in The Lancet'
Cancer treatment research published in The Lancet may have been compromised by a drug company that funded the study, according to three Melbourne oncologists. ANI

Scientists crack genetic code for form of pancreatic cancer
Johns Hopkins researchers have deciphered the genetic code for a type of pancreatic cancer, called neuroendocrine or islet cell tumors.he work shows that patients whose tumors have certain coding 'mistakes' live twice as long as those without them. ANI

Study explores dangers of 'benevolent sexism'
A new study conducted at the University of Granada revealed that a man who perpetrates violence against a woman is let off the hook if he is kind to his wife, a phenomenon termed as 'benevolent sexism'. ANI

Gene mutations play key role in cause of kidney failure
A new study has found that mutations in a gene called INF2 are by far the most common cause of a dominantly inherited condition that leads to kidney failure. ANI

Plants moved downhill, not up, in warming world: Study
A University of California, Davis, study has challenged a widely held assumption that plants will move uphill in response to warmer temperatures. ANI

How video games could make us better decision-makers
A new study from researchers at Queen's University Belfast has developed a prototype that could be used in computer games and turned into an e-learning or training tool for professionals in all walks of life - and for the general public too. ANI

NASA's Swift satellite finds unseen black-hole-powered galaxies
NASA's Swift satellite has found a largely unseen population of black-hole-powered galaxies, according to an international team of scientists. ANI

'Feeling good' can drive away stress, pain, and illness in old age
Many believe that it is important to 'feel good about yourself' in order to be healthy, especially as you grow older. But how true is it really? ANI

Now toaster-like device emits scents to accompany game or video
Ever wonder what the scenery in your home theatre smells like? Well, wonder no more, as a new toaster-like contraption that emits scents has been created to accompany your favourite game or video. ANI

New breakthrough to revolutionize US navy's weaponry
In what could be considered a major breakthrough, the US navy has passed a major milestone in its quest to build an extremely powerful anti-aircraft gun that will be equipped with mega-watt free electron lasers. ANI

Illicit use of human growth hormone on the rise among male weightlifters
Illicit use of HGH (human growth hormone) has become common among young American male weightlifters, suggests a new study. ANI

Men's confidence on dance floor rises with age: UK study
Men's confidence on the dance floor rises with age. And by retirement, it is at an all-time high, says a new UK research. ANI

Text messaging 'boosts kids' spelling skills'
Mobile phone text messaging can improve kids' spelling skills, a new research has suggested. ANI

Genetically targeted medication shows promise in treating alcoholism
UVA investigators have for the first time successfully treated alcohol-dependent individuals with medication that is tailored specifically to match their genetic profile. ANI

New device could revolutionize computer memory
Scientists have developed a new device that represents a significant advance for computer memory, making large-scale "server farms" more energy efficient and allowing computers to start more quickly. ANI

Playing video games won't make you fat
Playing video games might not make teenagers fat after all, but could affect their school grades, according to a new study. ANI

NASA to launch next Earth-observing satellite mission
NASA is all set to launch its newest Earth-observing research mission. ANI

160mn-yr-old pterodactyl fossil solves dino s*x riddle
Scientists from the Universities of Leicester, Lincoln and the Geological Institute, Beijing, have finally solved the mystery of s*x between pterodactyls - flying reptiles that lived alongside dinosaurs between 220-65 million years ago. ANI

Scientists grow human liver tissue for transplantation
Scientists have attained success in growing human liver cells on resorbable scaffolds made from material similar to surgical sutures. ANI

Do blindfolded dolphins use 'sixth sense' to imitate each other?
A new study has found that a blindfolded dolphin can imitate movements of other dolphins, almost as if it has a sixth sense. ANI

Study finds 'no link between dark matter, black holes'
A new study has found that there is no direct connection between black holes and dark matter. ANI

Sometimes couples communicate worse than strangers: Study
Married couples live with the illusion that they communicate well with their partners. But a new study could be an eye-opener for them. ANI

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