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Technology News on January 20, 2011

iPad animation to help assess mobility in elderly accurately
Till now, health care professionals have not had an easy and effective way to assess mobility in elderly people. ANI

Plasma therapy may work for patients with severe 2009 H1N1 infection
Using plasma from patients who have recovered from an infection to treat those with the same infection is an old medical therapy to treat multiple diseases. ANI

Common roundworm reveals pancreatic cancer pathway
Researchers at the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill carried out a new study on pancreatic cancer with the help of a simpler organism and have made an amazing discovery. ANI

Using Mother Nature's method to save oceans' marine life
Scientists at Institute of Marine Sciences at UC Santa Cruz have found a way to encourage oceans' marine life by using seawater and calcium to remove carbon dioxide (CO2) in a natural gas power plant's flue stream, and then pumping the resulting calcium bicarbonate in the sea. ANI

Molecule engineered to attack HIV shows positive results
A new study has found that an RNA molecule engineered to attack HIV in two different ways is showing positive results. ANI

Grapes were domesticated 8,000 years ago finds genetics study
A genetics study has found that people first cultivated grapes about 8,000 years ago. ANI

Memory drills not best bet for reducing 'senior moments'
A new evidence review has suggested that memory training regimes are not any better than simple conversations at improving memory in older adults. ANI

New genetic clue to kidney cancer
A group of researchers from three continents have identified a gene that is mutated in 1 in 3 patients with the most common form of renal cancer. ANI

New species of giant crayfish found in Tennessee and Alabama
Two aquatic biologists have discovered a distinctive species of crayfish in Tennessee and Alabama that is at least twice the size of its competitors. ANI

'Chameleon' technology that could make tanks look like a cow!
A new technology that has been developed by scientists at BAE Systems in Sweden can make a tank 'disappear', 'sweat' or even look like a cow. ANI

Math model explores emergence of early human societies via warfare
A new mathematical model developed at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville explores the emergence of early human societies via warfare. ANI

Study predicts risk of memory loss in healthy, older adults
A new study by scientists at Wayne State University has predicted the risk of memory loss in healthy, older adults. ANI

How anaesthesia disturbs self-perception
Scientists have shown that anaesthetising an arm affects brain activity and rapidly impairs body perception. ANI

Handwriting 'strengthens the learning process'
A new study suggests that writing by hand strengthens the learning process. However, when typing on a keyboard, this process may be impaired. ANI

Like humans, amoebae too pack a lunch before traveling
Some amoebae do exactly what we do before we travel - pack a lunch. ANI

Discovering the secrets of Orion nebula
Images seen through the Wide Field Imager on the MPG/ESO 2.2-metre telescope at ESO's La Silla Observatory in Chile have revealed the stars within Messier 42, commonly known as Orion Nebula. ANI

Why stress, anxiety may be both good and bad for your brain
A new study explains why stress and anxiety may be both a boon as well as a bane for your brain. ANI

New model could predict next political hotspots accurately
A new model developed by a team at Kansas State University professors and a colleague in New York could predict the next political hotspots accurately. ANI

Birth control pills do not cause weight gain: Study
According to a new research, the commonly held belief that oral contraceptives cause weight gain appears to be false. ANI

Video game addiction tied to depression, anxiety in kids
Many parents are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend playing video games and have often expressed the difficulty in pulling them away from the screen. ANI

Complete structure of HIV's outer shell revealed
Scientists have determined the structure of the protein package that delivers the genetic material of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) to human cells. ANI

Migraines, headaches 'do not increase risk of cognitive decline'
A study - using MRI to study the brains of migraine sufferers - has shown that a higher proportion of these patients exhibit lesions of the brain microvessels than the rest of the population. ANI

Girls who are bullied 'are at risk for substance use'
A new study has found that adolescent girls who are victims of bullying are more likely to engage in substance use as a result of bullying-related depression. ANI

Malaria parasite caught invading red blood cells
Using new image and cell technologies, Australian scientists have for the first time caught malaria parasites in the act of invading red blood cells. ANI

NYU grad students create high-tech sweatshirts that detect air pollution
Two NYU grad students have created high-tech sweatshirts that change colour when exposed to pollution. ANI

New study brings quantum computing one step closer
A team of researchers from the University of Oxford, UK, has come one step closer to building a solid-state quantum computer. ANI

Common metal could efficiently produce fuel from sunlight
A new study has found that a common metal found in self-cleaning ovens could efficiently convert sunlight into fuel. ANI

Study shows fish can count - up to 3
Math skills extend to fish, since new research has found that tropical angelfish can distinguish between larger and smaller quantities, with an additional ability to 'count' up to three. ANI

Making 3-D face from 2D photo for security applications, forensics
Scientists have found that it is possible to construct a three-dimensional face from flat 2D images. ANI

Using math to alleviate traffic jams
A new study proposes a mathematical model of vehicular traffic based on the study of a moving bottleneck caused by a slow-moving vehicle within the flow of cars. ANI

What makes music beautiful?
A new research examines what is it about music that appeals to our senses. ANI

Learning a second language gives toddlers an edge
A research team has suggested that toddlers who learn a second language from infancy have an edge over their unilingual peers. ANI

Playboy's uncensored pictures will soon be available on iPad
Playboy founder Hugh Hefner has confirmed that the magazine will soon be available on iPad. ANI

Being tired behind the wheel as dangerous as being drunk: Study
A new study has claimed that driving for more than three hours without a break at night is the equivalent of being drunk behind the wheel. ANI

'True happiness' comes at the golden age of 50
Turning 50 today? Well, you're entering the golden age of happiness. ANI

The more s*x partners you have, the more fertile your offspring will be
In a new study, scientists at the Centre for Evolutionary Biology, University of Western Australia, have found being polygamous could be more than being monogamous, when it comes to fertilization. ANI

NASA craft prepares for Valentine's Day date with comet
NASA's spacecraft Stardust-NexT is preparing for a date on Valentine's Day with comet Tempel 1 at 11:37 p.m. EST. ANI

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