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Technology News on January 2, 2011

Hotmail users 'furious' to find empty inboxes, missing folders
Microsoft Hotmail users have blamed email giant MSN after missing mails and folders from their accounts. ANI

Secondhand smoke exposure 'ups hearing loss risk'
A new study has revealed that non-smokers who repeatedly breathe in others' tobacco smoke are more likely to have some degree of hearing loss. ANI

Red, pink pills are preferred over others: Mumbai scientists
Indeed, red and pink are sought after colours, but in medicines too? Yes, that's right. University of Bombay researchers have found medicines in red and pink colour are preferred over tablets in other colours. ANI

Now, vending machine that suggests drinks based on your age, gender!
Want to get a drink that goes well with your age and gender? Well, you can do it now as Japanese scientists have developed a new vending machine that uses facial recognition to recommend drinks based on a customer's age and gender. ANI

Prolonged cell use, body piercing, tattoos trigger allergic reaction
The next time you chat endlessly on your cell phone, better be careful, as it can lead to an allergic reaction, say allergists. ANI

'Demon' device that converts information to energy!
Contrary to the laws of physics that you can't get energy for nothing; scientists from the University of Tokyo have generated energy from information. ANI

More sleep may trigger stroke risk in women
A new study has found that women who slept for 10 hours or more had a 63 percent increased risk of stroke compared to those who slept seven hours per night. ANI

Broccoli juice may keep skin cancer at bay
Forget sunscreens, the thing that can actually protect your skin from UV rays is broccoli juice, say scientists. ANI

Pulses of light might one day keep diseased hearts beating
Heart muscles genetically engineered to respond to optical stimulation could improve models of heart attacks, and may also increase the understanding of how the embryonic heart develops, say scientists. ANI

'Glowing' plant cells that could control cell growth, death
Researchers have genetically inserted proteins from plants into mammalian cells, which glow when exposed to blue light - resulting in a novel 'on-off switch' that could be used to control cell growth or death. ANI

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