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Technology News on January 18, 2011

Platelet-rich plasma 'a promising treatment for heart attacks'
Platelet-rich plasma is a promising biologic treatment for myocardial infarction (heart attack), according to researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine. ANI

New curvilinear camera adds a zoom to the 'human eye'
Researchers have developed a curvilinear camera that mimics the human eye, but has the added feature of zooming. ANI

New 'magnetic pill' could improve body's absorption of drugs
Brown University researchers have developed a new magnetic pill system that could improve the body's absorption of drugs. ANI

Why guns overtook bows as primary weapons of war in Europe
A new study from the University of Queensland has solved one of the greatest puzzles ever - why China persisted in using bows long after Europe moved to guns as the basic weapon of war, despite inventing gun powder almost 1000 years earlier. ANI

Overuse of groundwater could 'push arsenic deeper into water table'
New findings have shown that groundwater over-exploitation has drawn the water table down and, with it, arsenic. ANI

Minimally invasive procedure 'helpful to reanimate facial paralysis'
A new study reports a procedure involving only one small incision and no major modifications that appears helpful in reanimating the lower face after paralysis. ANI

Corporate sponsorship 'could fund Mars mission'
Scientists have said that corporate funding could make Mars mission a reality. ANI

Men suffering mysterious allergies post orgasm
Men are being afflicted by a mysterious illness right after s*x and scientists have said that they could be allergic to themselves. ANI

Risks of cyber war 'over-exaggerated', says study
A study has said that the risks involved in a cyber war have been "over-exaggerated" with the vast majority of hi-tech attacks not deserving the name at all. ANI

New skin patch may help people with Alzheimer's
A new skin patch may help jog the memory of those with Alzheimer's. ANI

Eating less during early pregnancy impairs foetal brain development
A new research has suggested that eating less during early stage of pregnancy could cause lifetime damage to an unborn baby's brain, leading to lower IQ and behavioural problems. ANI

Binge drinking problem 'getting out of control'
Binge drinking, prevalent among young people, is getting out of control and it's high time for a wake-up call, according to a new editorial in a Canadian medical journal. ANI

Your genes help you pick your friends: Study
In a new study, scientists found that groups of friends show patterns of genetic similarity. ANI

Could coffee be the answer to hangovers?
A cup of steaming hot coffee and a painkiller may be the answer to that hangover from binge drinking, says a new study. ANI

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