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Technology News on January 17, 2011

New technique to visualize gene expression in mammalian cells found
For the first time, scientists have successfully visualized single molecules of naturally occurring messenger RNA (mRNA) transcribed in living mammalian cells. ANI

Can sauvignon blanc in sunscreen help avoid sunburn?
A NZ company has discovered a brand new use for Marlborough sauvignon blanc - using it in sunscreen. ANI

Shoulder function not fully restored after surgery: Study
A new study has revealed that shoulder motion after rotator cuff surgery remains significantly different when compared to the patient's opposite shoulder. ANI

How LCD projectors 'switch neurons on-off like light bulbs' in worms
Researchers have developed a novel way to control the brain and muscles of tiny organisms, including freely moving worms, using inexpensive components from ordinary liquid crystal display (LCD) projectors. ANI

Mobile numbers, addresses on Facebook 'a security risk'
A security expert has warned that users should remove their home addresses and phone numbers from their Facebook accounts. ANI

'Master switch' for key immune cells in inflammatory diseases found
Imperial College London scientists have identified a protein that acts as a 'master switch' in certain white blood cells, and governing whether they support or stop inflammation. ANI

Free milk at schools 'key to lower bowel cancer'
A study has found that those who drank free milk supplied at schools have a reduced risk of bowel cancer. ANI

Humpty Dumpty-like chromosomes trigger cancer quicker than usual
A UK scientist has discovered that a single event can release a chain of hundreds of mutations, and trigger cancers much more quickly than usual. ANI

Deepest secrets of the Marianas Trench revealed
Scientists have unveiled the climate secrets of the deepest part of the ocean-the Marianas Trench in the western Pacific Ocean. ANI

Attractive men and women are cleverer: Study
UK researchers have found that handsome men and beautiful women tend to be cleverer. ANI

Oz scientists' defective gene discovery solves colorectal cancer mystery
Australian scientists have discovered a 'defective' gene that may solve the age old mystery of why some colorectal cancer patients respond very well to radiotherapy but others not at all. ANI

Climate change can have detrimental effect on milk
A new research has suggested that wetter, cooler summers can have a detrimental effect on the milk we drink. ANI

Soon, a pill that would help women fight 'monthly blues'
Dreadful mood swings and late-night cravings for chocolate in women with pre-menstrual tension may soon become a thing of the past as scientists come a step closer to making a pill that would reduce the symptoms of PMT (pre-menstrual syndrome). ANI

'Master switch' that triggers arthritis identified
Scientists at Imperial College London have discovered a protein that triggers rheumatoid arthritis. ANI

Was climate change the reason behind fall of the Roman Empire?
A new study has linked climate change to the fall of the Roman Empire. ANI

Neanderthal face is not a result of adaptation to extreme cold: Study
The long held belief that the Neanderthal nose was a result of adaptations to extreme cold may not be all it seems, say researchers. ANI

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