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Technology News on January 16, 2011

How to protect kids this flu season
Doctors at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have offered some tips on how to protect kids this flu season. ANI

Hot Jupiter exoplanet discovery sheds light on evolution of planetary systems
New findings suggest that the discovery of a hot Jupiter exoplanet that transfers orbital momentum to its host star may hold the key to a clearer understanding of the evolution of common planetary systems. ANI

Coming soon: Green Super Rice that performs well in toughest conditions
Green Super Rice, bred to perform well in the toughest conditions, is a step away from reaching farmers. ANI

Here's what an Iron Age beer tastes like
An archeobotanist has discovered a 2550 year-old recipe for ancient Celtic malt beverage. ANI

Hilt of 18th-century pirate Blackbeard's sword may have been found
Archaeologists who have been excavating the sunken Queen Anne's Revenge for more than ten years discovered a gilded sword hilt that may have belonged to Blackbeard, the infamous pirate of the 18th century. ANI

Online tool can help worried seniors quickly determine dementia risk
A new study has revealed that a quick online assessment tool developed by Johns Hopkins researchers can help worried seniors find out if they are at risk of developing dementia and determine whether they should seek a comprehensive, face-to-face diagnosis from a physician. ANI

Disney cartoons promote 'what-is-beautiful-is-good' stereotype
Appalachian State University psychology professors have conducted a study in which they ask: "Do animated Disney characters portray and promote the beauty-goodness stereotype?" ANI

'Liquid pistons' could lead to new advances in camera lenses, drug delivery
Engineering researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have developed liquid pistons, which could lead to new devices like micro displacement pumps and liquid switches, to adaptive lenses and advanced drug delivery systems. ANI

Remains of oldest fruit trees found in Iberian Peninsula
Researchers have found that the seed samples gathered over the years at medieval archaeological sites in the historic old quarter of Hondarribia are the remains of the oldest fruit trees in Southern Europe. ANI

First genetic test for predicting IVF success developed
Researchers have developed the first genetic blood test for predicting the chances that in vitro fertilization (IVF) will lead to a successful pregnancy. ANI

Facebook, Google join web future warning
Web addresses are likely to run out as soon as November and to raise public awareness Google and Facebook have decided to switch their websites to a new system for one day in June. ANI

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