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Technology News on January 14, 2011

New tillage practice cuts greenhouse emissions, ups farm yields
Can farmers reduce nitrous oxide, thought to contribute to global warming, and increase crop production simply by adopting a new tillage practice? ANI

A better way to accurately measure dark energy identified
Type la supernovae are currently the best way to measure dark energy because they are visible across intergalactic space. Also, they can function as 'standard candles' in distant galaxies since the intrinsic brightness is known. ANI

Why PSA levels reflect prostate cancer progression
Researchers studying prostate cancer cells for decades have now found why PSA (prostate-specific antigen) levels reflect cancer progression. ANI

Soya beans could help to fight cancer
Scientists believe that soya could boost the battle against two of the most dangerous cancers. ANI

Crab nebula is slowly dimming: Scientists
A team of scientists has found that the Crab Nebula, once considered to be the most stable source of high energy radiation in the sky, is slowly dimming. ANI

Driving simulators help older adults improve their road skills
Scientists have found that proper training programs with driving simulators can help older adults improve their road skills. ANI

Women with false-positive mammograms suffer serious anxiety
Women who received false-positive mammograms report, face serious anxiety and reduced quality of life for at least a year, according to a study. ANI

Common sleep medicine puts older adults at risk for nighttime falls
A new study by the University of Colorado at Boulder has suggested that adults who take one of the world's most commonly prescribed sleep medications are significantly more at risk for nighttime falls and potential injury. ANI

Inverse benefits of drug marketing affect patient safety, public health
Experts at University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston are saying that drugs that are marketed aggressively by pharmaceutical companies offer less benefit and more harm to most patients. ANI

Frogs' faces give clues to special secret of their evolutionary success
In a new study, scientists from the Friedrich Schiller University Jena (Germany) analyse why frogs are the champions of evolution. ANI

Study finds new answers to age-old question: What is life?
In a new collection of essays, experts from all walks of life - philosophy, science, and molecular evolution - present a variety of perspectives on defining life. ANI

Fruit fly nervous system 'could pave way for wireless sensor networks'
A new study conducted in fruit flies could be used to effectively deploy wireless sensor networks and other distributed computing applications. ANI

Unstable heart rhythm 'ups risk of death in kidney patients'
A new study has found that elderly kidney patients who have had a recent heart attack are less likely to take their medications as prescribed. ANI

Wikipedia too complicated to edit, says founder Jimmy Wales
Jimmy Wales, the co-founder of Wikipedia, has said that the site is too complicated for many people to modify. ANI

When and how continents formed
A new study attempts to bring to rest a long- standing debate - when and how continents really formed. ANI

'Jeopardy!' champs beaten to buzzer by IBM computer 'Watson'
IBM has after four years developed a computing system called 'Watson' that specializes in analysing natural human language and answering complex questions. ANI

Now, a website that tells men how to seduce women into sex
American consumer products giant Procter and Gamble has come up with a website that offers advice to men on how to seduce women and get them into bed. ANI

UK to rebuild world's first room-sized recognisably modern computer
The first recognisably modern computer, the Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator (Edsac), is to be rebuilt at the UK's former code-cracking centre Bletchley Park. ANI

Brain images can predict your video game performance
Want to know how well you fare in video games? Well, researchers say they need look no further than a specific region of your brain - basal ganglia. ANI

Mad cow disease can also be transmitted through air: Study
University of Zurich researchers have discovered that prions - the infectious proteins that cause mad cow disease and its human version Creutzfeldt-Jakob disorder - could also be transmitted through the air. ANI

Suicide risk greater for those living at higher altitudes
A 20-year analysis of mortality data from counties across the United States has found that living at higher altitudes may be a risk factor for suicide. ANI

Bacteria in the gut help control obesity and inflammation
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston have discovered that the bacteria living in the intestines may play a far more significant role in weight loss and gastrointestinal problems than ever imagined. ANI

'Healthy mammoth could be reborn in 4 or 5 years'
A professor has claimed that the woolly mammoth, extinct for thousands of years, could be reborn with the help of cloning technology. ANI

'Longevity' protein may ward off precursor to prostate cancer
New evidence suggests that the "longevity" protein SIRT1 can inhibit the development of a known precursor to prostate cancer, prostatic intraepithelial neoplasia (PIN). ANI

Why minor details are linked to long-term memories
Scientists have found why we remember the smallest of details of an episode even after a long period of time. ANI

Why s*x in space might be a bad idea
A new study has shown that foetus of a pregnant zebrafish in space like conditions develops cranial defects, raising the possibility of same effects in humans. ANI

Gravitational lens could shed light on the origin of the Universe
Astronomers have demonstrated how gravitational lensing, a phenomenon in which light from a distant object is bent around a massive foreground object, allows us to see the faintest and most distant galaxies. ANI

Chandra images show result of star formation on overdrive
A new image captured by Chandra X-ray Observatory shows the result of star formation on overdrive. ANI

Kamasutra could make you a victim of a hack attack
According to a security research firm, the Kamasutra might make you a victim of computer hackers. ANI

E-books make our brains lazy: Study
A US research has suggested that readers using electronic books like the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader are less likely to remember what they have read because the devices are so easy on the eyes. ANI

Writing about worries can combat test anxiety and improve performance
University of Chicago scientists have shown that students can combat test anxiety and improve performance by writing about their worries immediately before the exam begins. ANI

People are more helpful 'when positioned physically higher than others'
Scientists have discovered that people become more generous, compassionate and helpful when they are physically higher than others - an indication that metaphors such as 'moral high ground' really do exist. ANI

'Great-grandmother' of crocodiles that lived 225mn yrs ago found
Paleontologists have discovered the world's oldest known crocodile ancestor that lived in what is now West Texas 225 million years ago. ANI

Earth's hot past points to drastic global warming
A new analysis has concluded that the magnitude of climate change during Earth's deep past suggests that future temperatures may eventually rise far more than projected if society continues its pace of emitting greenhouse gases. ANI

Now, GM chickens that don't spread bird flu
Researchers at the Universities of Cambridge and Edinburgh have produced genetically modified (transgenic) chickens that do not transmit avian influenza virus to other chickens with which they are in contact. ANI

Earth is 'twice as dusty' now as it was a century ago
A new study by U.S. scientists has revealed that the amount of dust in the Earth's atmosphere has doubled over the last century. ANI

Your sense of smell could foretell when you're going to die
Losing your sense of smell when you're older could mean that your time is nigh, a new study has claimed. ANI

Now, an iPhone app that can read minds!
Experts have come up with a new application for the iPhone that has the ability to read minds. ANI

Now, armour made of 'bullet proof custard'!
Scientists have designed a new kind of armour that they are calling "bullet-proof custard". ANI

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