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Technology News on January 1, 2011

Want a higher follower tally on Twitter? Resort to flaming!
Want to have more people following you on Twitter or commenting on your blog post? Well, be prepared to resort to flaming to anger and upset people, says a study. ANI

'Attraction chemicals' pheromones do not exist, claims scientist
Pheromones-the mysterious chemical signals that 'trigger attraction'-do not even exist, a scientist has claimed. ANI

Incest puts an end to sexual violence among animals
A new study has revealed that incest among animals helps put an end to sexual violence.n some species, competition between males can mean that females are harmed during copulation. ANI

Physicists create supernova in a jar
University of Toronto and Rutgers University physicists have mimicked the explosion of a supernova in miniature. ANI

CPAP therapy cuts fatigue, ups energy level in sleep apnea patients
A new study has suggested that that three weeks of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) therapy reduces fatigue and increases energy in obstructive sleep apnea patients. ANI

How humans 'reach for something' using 'brain maps'
A new study at UC Santa Barbara explains how humans reach out for different things - be it reaching out to a dance partner or a glass of water in the night - the brain uses different "maps" to plan for each of these movements. ANI

It's official: Men are hornier than women
Innumerable studies have gone into finding out 'reality of the male s*x drive', but now a new study claims that men really are 'hornier' than women. ANI

Stackable electric cars, telepresence screens 'just a generation away'
According to a new vision of the future set out today, stackable electric cars and 'telepresence' screens are just one generation away. ANI

If your GPS stops working, find your way with 'shoe radar'!
The invasion of GPS technology in everything - from cars to cell phones - has ensured that we never get lost, but what if your GPS stops working? ANI

TB patients at a higher risk for lung cancer: Study
A new study has found evidence of increased lung cancer risk among people with tuberculosis. ANI

Facebook topples Google as the most visited website in US in 2010
Facebook has claimed the Internet's top spot from Google as the most visited website in the United States in 2010, according to a new study from online measurement service Experian Hitwise. ANI

Eastern hemisphere will witness solar eclipse on Jan 4
A dramatic partial eclipse of the Sun will be visible throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia on January 4. ANI

Nintendo warns '3D game console could harm eyesight of kids under 6'
Japanese firm Nintendo has issued a warning that children under the age of six should not play its new console in 3D as it may harm their eyesight. ANI

Human brain 'shrinking' since 20,000 yrs 'making us stupider day by day'
A new study has said that the human brain has been shrinking since the last 20,000 years, suggesting that we may be getting dumber day by day. ANI

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