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Higher daily dose of aspirin may prevent heart attacks in diabetic people

July 6, 2011 - Washington

A study by University of Alberta researcher Scot Simpson has shed light on the use of aspirin as a preventative measure for cardiovascular disease and reoccurrence in patients with Diabetes.

The study collected data from clinical trials that looked at whether taking aspirin as a course of treatment would prevent a first or recurrent Heart attack or stroke.

Using information from diabetic patients in these studies, Simpson discovered that patients with previous cardiac episodes who were taking a low dose of aspirin daily had very little benefit in terms of prevention of a second Heart attack or a decreased risk of mortality.

However, in patients taking higher doses of aspirin, the risk of a repeat Heart attack and/or death was significantly lower.

"We took all of the data from 21 studies and focused specifically on diabetic patients who had suffered a previous Heart attack or stroke to measure the ability of aspirin to prevent a second event. We found that, if those patients took up to 325 milligrams of aspirin per day, they had a 23 percent lower risk of death," said Simpson.


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