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Technology News on February 6, 2011

Bottle-feeding linked to tooth decay in infants
In wake of rising rates of severe tooth decay in infants as young as 12 months, a leading children's hospital in Australia has urged parents to stop bottle-feeding their babies. ANI

Here's how you can make this Valentine's Day greener
Valentine's Day is filled with cards, sweets, flowers and gifts, but its celebrations can create unintentional environmental side effects. ANI

Plants 'can cause a garden variety of pesky skin problems'
Dermatologists have come up with preventative tips for gardeners after seeing how common plants can leave their mark on the skin and cause a host of mild to even severe skin reactions. ANI

Race to reach Antarctica's buried Lake Vostok 'nearly over'
Russian scientists are on the brink of revealing the secrets of Lake Vostok - they are left with only 20 meters (164 feet) away to hit their goal depth. ANI

A strong community protects adolescents from risky health behavior
It is well known that growing up poor increases a person's likelihood of health problems as an adult, but a new study shows that being raised in a tight-knit community can help offset this disadvantage of poverty. ANI

Chernobyl birds 'have 5 percent smaller brains'
A team of researchers has discovered that birds living around the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident have 5 percent smaller brains, an effect directly linked to lingering background radiation. ANI

New contraceptive jab for men gets thumbs up
Women may soon be liberated from the burden of family planning, thanks to a contraceptive jab for men, which has proved successful in preventing unplanned pregnancies after tests in Scotland. ANI

Leisure 'as important as keeping cholesterol levels in check'
When was the last time you had time for yourself doing things you really enjoyed? This is something you probably may not even remember owing to the fast paced life. ANI

Good cops better than bad cops at getting confessions: Study
Police officers who use a soft approach are more likely to get a confession from a criminal than those who are rough with the suspects, according to a new research. ANI

Now, 'self-destructing' SMSs to spell end to late-night drunken rants
For anyone who has ever sent a text message in a hurry and then regretted later, here's some good news: A 'self-destructing' text message system could spell the end for the leaked sex message, or the embarrassing late-night drunken rant. ANI

Atopic dermatitis is a strong precursor to food allergies
Increasing evidence indicates that atopic dermatitis is a precursor to allergic diseases rather than a consequence. And now, dermatologists are advising parents of infants and young children affected by this common skin condition to be aware of the potential for future food allergies. ANI

Facebook bug that allows personal data access, phishing repaired
A Facebook security threat that would allow anyone to access your personal data has been repaired by the company. ANI

Why rap songs portray black women as 'oversexed jezebels, gold diggers'
A new study examines why the lyrics of popular rap songs stereotype black women as 'oversexed jezebels,' 'asexual mammies' and 'gold diggers'. ANI

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