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Technology News on February 5, 2011

Study finds how blood clotting and cancer progression are linked
Scientists have found how activated blood coagulation is associated with cancer. ANI

1900-yr-old Roman super-highway discovered in UK
Experts have discovered the remains of a 1900-yr-old, 15ft-high Roman super-highway in the UK that ran from London to Exeter. ANI

Turning diseased blood cells to stem cells may reveal cancer quickly
A study has successfully turned healthy and diseased cells into stem cells, thereby paving way for observing the onset of the blood cancer leukaemia in the laboratory dish. ANI

Report says 'mass migration triggered by climate change' won't happen
A new report has said that fears that climate change will trigger mass migrations from one part of the world to another are baseless. ANI

Temptation of mate can cause mama bird to abandon her chicks
Research from the University of Cambridge has shown that a mother bird can take time away from parenting when more tempting opportunities such as finding a mate sprout up. ANI

Now, a camera that creates real-time, 3D colour movies of the brain!
A team of doctors have written software that creates dynamic, real-time, three-dimensional colour movies of the brain. ANI

New study paves way for better cancer treatment
Scientists have developed a little bomb that promises a big bang for cancer patients. ANI

New study could help pave way for improved medicines
A new study has shed light on how carbohydrates (sugars) bond and that will influence the way drugs are developed in the future. ANI

Cloud exploding from Sun ripples like clouds on Earth
Scientists studying new images of clouds of material exploding from the Sun have spotted instabilities forming in that exploding cloud that are similar to those seen in clouds in Earth's atmosphere. ANI

Now, an app that shows how you might look as a sumo wrestler!
Curious to see how you might look as a sumo wrestler? Well, an iPhone app can show you and that too without packing on any kilos. ANI

How stressed cells boost production of key blood clotting factor
Scientists have found how stressed cells boost the production of the key blood clotting factor, thrombin. ANI

Petrol stations contaminate their immediate surroundings
Scientists have examined the effects of contamination at petrol stations that is potentially harmful to health, which can be noted in buildings less than 100 metres from the service stations. ANI

Kids who use library 'twice as likely to be above-average readers'
A new research has revealed that children who use their local library are twice as likely to be above-average readers. ANI

Mimicking the woodpecker to inspire new-age shock absorbers
A new study from the University of California attempts to mimic the woodpecker's pecking action in order to apply it to new-age shock absorbing systems. ANI

HPV vaccine also works for boys: Study
A new multi-center study led by H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and UCSF has revealed that the vaccine for human papillomavirus (HPV) can prevent 90 percent of genital warts in men when offered before exposure to the four HPV strains covered by the vaccine. ANI

7 new species of fish discovered
Using modern genetic analysis, combined with traditional examination of morphology, scientists at the Smithsonian Institution and the Ocean Science Foundation have discovered that what were once thought to be three species of blenny in the genus Starksia are actually 10 distinct species. ANI

Dating site uses pictures, names of 250,000 unsuspecting Facebook users
A dating site has taken the personal information of 250,000 Facebook users and reproduced it without their knowledge. ANI

Jumping genes may tell why people have varied looks, disease risks
A Johns Hopkins study has identified 'jumping genes' in humans that may one day explain why people have such varied physical traits and disease risks. ANI

New iPhone app lets you spot skin cancer
Your iPhone can be turned into a skin cancer detection gadget with the help of a new product available on the market known as Handyscope. ANI

Unemployed people 'suffer from health problems more often'
A new study has shown that compared to people in employment, men and women who are unemployed suffer more often and longer from both physical and emotional complaints. ANI

Polygamous mice 'have more fertile offspring'
A new study in mice has suggested that multiple partners may be the key to agile sperm that get the job done. ANI

Why aliens never get in touch with us
A team of scientists has said that no matter how much we try to contact extra terrestrial life, we may never get any response because we are going about it all wrong. ANI

New study explains how brain knows what the nose smells
We know that a scent picked up by nose receptors travels to the brain, but how the brain processes these smells has never been explained until now. ANI

Kids who regularly text message 'have better literacy skills'
Scientists have claimed that children who are fluent at text messaging have better literacy skills than youngsters who do not use mobile phones. ANI

NASA to reveal first views of the entire Sun on super Sun-day
For the first time, NASA is all set to release of the first complete view of the Sun's entire surface and atmosphere on at 11 a.m. EST on Sunday, Feb 6. ANI

'World's first astronomers' Aborigines created a sundial 10,000yrs ago
A new find from Australia has suggested that ancient Aboriginal tribes were the world's first astronomers. ANI

Scientists find gene critical in protection against some heart diseases
Researchers at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine have found a gene which is critical to heart function. ANI

Google receives a staggering 75,000 job applications in one week
As Google launches a huge recruitment spree, the Internet giant received as many as 75,000 job applications in a week, it has emerged. ANI

Social and emotional learning programs boost students' skills
A new study has found that social and emotional learning programs improve students' attitudes and behaviors, and in some cases, even boost academic performance. ANI

Stone-age era fertility artifact of 'woman with spread legs' found in Poland
A Stone-Age era artifact carved with multiple zigzags and what appears to be a woman with spread legs has been found in Poland. ANI

Omega-3 deficiency may explain depressive behaviours
A new study has said that dietary insufficiency in omega-3 fatty acid may explain deleterious consequences on synaptic functions and emotional behaviours. ANI

Couples' way of talking can predict relationship success
People who speak in similar styles are more compatible, according to a new study. ANI

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