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Technology News on February 3, 2011

Experts look at ways to use sea cucumbers' potential in saving our seas
Researchers at the Newcastle University, UK, are investigating how to use sea cucumbers in developing a more sustainable way of farming in the sea. ANI

Anthropologists discover earliest cemetery in Jordan
Anthropologists have discovered the oldest cemetery in the Middle East at a site in northern Jordan. ANI

Scientists convert skin cells to stem cells more effieciently
A team at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) have identified several specific microRNAs (miRNAs) that are important during reprogramming and exploited them to make the transition from skin cell to induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell more efficient. ANI

Genetic factors influence how well students take advantage of education
Scientists have found that measures used to judge the effectiveness of schools are partly influenced by genetic factors in students. ANI

Why folic acid won't prevent a heart attack
A new study at The London School of Medicine and Dentistry and Barts has claimed that taking folic acid might save you from a heart attack once, but not the second time. ANI

Breast cancer survivors are at higher risk for hip fractures
A new study has found that breast cancer survivors are at a higher risk for painful hip fractures. ANI

Vikings considered Stone Age objects 'to have magical qualities'
Vikings considered Stone Age objects to have magical qualities, and such 'antiques' were more important in Viking culture than previously understood, according to new archaeological findings. ANI

Protein biomarkers in exhaled air to help detect lung cancer early
The earlier a tumour can be detected, the greater the chance of healing the patient. But early diagnosis is often difficult in many cases. ANI

New nanoparticles make blood clots visible to CT scanner
Researchers have designed nanoparticles that detect clots and make them visible to a new kind of X-ray technology. ANI

Archeologists reveal Boston brothel secrets
A team of archaeology students from Boston University are studying Boston's infamous Big Dig construction project to find out what how the residents of one Boston brothel lived. ANI

Molecular predictor of metastatic prostate cancer identified
Researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have indicated that prostate tumors that carry a "signature" of four molecular markers have the potential to become dangerously metastatic if not treated aggressively. ANI

Scientists melt glass not by heating it but cooling it!
Scientists at Tel Aviv University have found a unique way of melting glass - they don't heat it but cool it to Absolute Zero temperature. ANI

Vaccine to prevent gastritis, ulcer disease, gastric cancer on the anvil
Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital in collaboration with the University of Rhode Island (URI) and EpiVax. Inc. have identified a potential vaccine that could treat gastritis, ulcer disease and cancer. ANI

Feeling down in the dumps? Soon, you could ask for a 'cyber-hug'!
Scientists have said that an average hug lasts around three seconds, but computers could be programmed one day to make you feel all warm and fuzzy for a lot longer. ANI

It's not choice but the brain that decides whether you are left handed or right
Scientists have suggested that more than choice, it is the brain that decides which hand-right or left-a person preferably uses to perform various tasks. ANI

A spiral picture-perfect galaxy!
A spiral galaxy, NGC 3621, about 22 million light-years away in the constellation of Hydra (The Sea Snake), is just a picture-perfect one, suggests its new photographs. ANI

Dragonfly's stability in flight inspires micro wind turbine design
Micro wind turbines that can withstand gale-force winds are being developed with the technology that allows a dragonfly to remain stable while in flight. ANI

Ready-to-use bioengineered veins expand off-the-shelf vessels options
A new study might make it possible one day for surgeons to simply open the refrigerator when patient-ready bioengineered blood vessels might be needed. ANI

Martian meteorites suggest collision with Red planet caused water flow
University of Leicester researchers are investigating rare fragments of Martian meteorites to reveal one of the ways water flowed near the surface of Mars. ANI

Too much of sunblock 'causing a rise in Vit D deficiency in children'
A new study has found that using too much of sunblock lotion is causing an increase in Vitamin D deficiencies in children. ANI

How light can be used for making smaller, faster, cheaper computer chips
University of Maryland researchers have found how they can use visible light to make tiny integrated circuits. ANI

Malaria drug may help treat specific form of dementia
A new study has revealed that various drugs already on the market to treat malaria, angina pectoris or heart rhythm disturbances could also be used in treating a specific form of frontotemporal dementia. ANI

Mother Nature's new gift to prevent and treat bone diseases
A new discovery of a substance-obtained from a coral-reef inhabiting cyanobacterium-may pave way for new drugs to prevent and treat bone diseases. ANI

Osteoporosis treatment gives patients an extra 5 years of life
Australian researchers have found that osteoporosis treatment-taking bisphosphonates-not only gives patients a better life but increases their lifespan by five years too. ANI

Now, give your brain an 'electric thinking cap' to solve complex issues
A University of Sydney study has found that it may be possible to stimulate the brain to see the world anew-an electric thinking cap. ANI

Bye-bye sniffer dogs! Now, trained mice to sniff out terrorists at airports!
Israeli researchers have developed a new detector where trained teams of mice will sniff would-be bombers and drugs at airports. ANI

Internet IP addresses will run out 'in the next 24 hours'
Growth of Internet-enabled phones like the iPhone and web use in Asia has seen a rapid depletion of IP addresses, which are going to run out in the next 24 hours. ANI

Lower back disease may be inherited: Study
A new study has indicated that symptomatic lumbar disc disease, a condition caused by degeneration or herniation of the discs of the lower spine, may be inherited. ANI

1000 Genomes Project to reveal how genetics influence human health
Scientists at Boston College are playing an integral role in the global effort to sequence 1000 genomes and move closer to understanding in fine detail how genetics influence human health and development. ANI

How enjoyable a movie is depends on who we're watching it with: US study
A study has found that when it comes to watching a new movie, how we enjoy it depends on who we are viewing the film with. ANI

Study finds gene mutation strongly linked to schizophrenia
A team of scientists has discovered a gene mutation strongly linked to schizophrenia and a signaling pathway that may be treatable with existing compounds. ANI

A hug really can drive pain away
A new study has found that a hug from a loved one really does work in driving pain away and reducing stress. ANI

'Control center' for sperm production discovered
A new study into the intricacies of sex in flowering plants have shown that a gene in plants, called DUO1, acts as a master switch to ensure twin fertile sperm cells are made in each pollen grain. ANI

Lesbians, gays, bisexuals at higher risk for severe mental health problems
The stress of being rejected or victimized because of sexual orientation may disrupt hormonal responses in lesbians, gays and bisexuals (LGB), new research from Concordia University suggests. ANI

How tobacco plants could sniff out potential terrorists
It seems like even the luscious green flora at shopping malls and airports will be keeping a tab on terrorists in the future - thanks to some genetic meddling by US researchers. ANI

New solar-powered glass road to melt snow on roads
An expert has come up with a novel idea for dealing with snowy roads: replacing them with a glass surface embedded with solar cells that generate power form the sun and store it in batteries for use at night. ANI

Coffee beans roasted till dark brown produces valued antioxidants
A study by food scientists has found that when coffee is roasted to a dark brown it produces very valuable antioxidants. ANI

Alien find likelier after NASA finds evidence of over 1,200 more planets
After NASA revealed that it has found evidence for over 1200 planets more, the chances of discovering alien life are a lot higher. ANI

'Before-and-after' tool to help surgeons avoid 'cosmetic surgery surprises'
A Tel Aviv University researcher has developed a three-dimensional 'before and after' tool for cosmetic surgeons avoid any unpleasant surprises post surgery. ANI

Man is now ready to go to Mars
After a gruelling 233 days of surviving on only canned foods and showering only once a week, a team of astronauts is finally ready to 'land' on the Red Planet. ANI

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