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Technology News on February 28, 2011

Miami scientists track great hammerhead shark migration routes
University of Miami scientists have discovered the largely unknown migratory patterns and habitat use of the endangered hammerhead shark using satellite tag technology. ANI

Appeasing kids with food could lead to bad diet in adulthood: Study
A study has revealed that parents who give their children food to quieten them down could be setting them up for a lifetime of weight problems. ANI

Diets high in fish oil 'help maintain weight during chemotherapy'
A new study has found that fish oil may help cancer patients-who undergo tremendous weight loss during chemotherapy-regain weight. ANI

Scientists generate pluripotent stem cells from horses
For the first time ever, Canadian researchers have generated pluripotent stem cells from horses. ANI

Soon, liquid biofuels to be produced from brewery waste
Cornell scientists are hoping to use brewery waste to produce liquid biofuels and other useful products. ANI

Coming soon: Energy efficient 'smarter' smartphones, slimmer laptops
A Harvard researcher has developed a device that could apparently reduce the power usage of modern processing chips-just like 'shutting off the lights when you leave the room'. ANI

Paracetamol and ibuprofen for mild fever 'puts kids' health at risk'
Giving regular spoonfuls of paracetamol and ibuprofen to children with a mild fever could extend their illness or put their health at risk, warn doctors. ANI

Even the 5-yr-olds can perform first aid: Study
A new study has found that kids as young as five are able to learn and perform basic first aid. ANI

Bukit Bunuh-the oldest Palaeolithic site outside Africa
A Palaeolithic complex in Malaysia's Bukit Bunuh is one of the oldest geochronologically dated sites outside Africa, archaeologists have suggested. ANI

Radio-guided op safe, simple way to remove cancerous nodules in lung
Italian researchers have suggested that using tiny spheres of radioactive liquid to guide surgeons as they remove potentially cancerous material in the lungs is safe and more effective than other techniques. ANI

Targeted cancer drug more effective after first-line treatment
New trials have shown that targeted cancer drug Erlotinib has comparable efficacy to chemotherapy, and is better tolerated, in hard-to-treat cases where a patient's cancer has progressed quickly after treatment with first-line therapy. ANI

Scientist urges 'to take risk of a global Katrina seriously'
A Brit top scientist has urged that the risk of a devastating space storm wreaking havoc like a 'global Katrina' and costing the world trillions of pounds should be taken 'seriously'. ANI

Potential link between immunity, schizophrenia revealed
A new study from UC Davis has indicated that the number of connections between nerve cells in the brain can be regulated by an immune system molecule. ANI

Parents split worse for kids' happiness than not having money
A study has suggested that having parents split up is worse for a child's happiness than not having money. ANI

US hookers flocking to Facebook to advertise their services
A sociologist in the US has revealed that the number of hookers advertising their services on social networking site Facebook is on the rise. ANI

Want to live longer? Study hard!
If you want to live longer, pay attention at school, study hard, and go to college, according to a new study. ANI

It's official! Men have lower attention spans than women
Do you struggle to make your man give attention to what you say? Well, now even science says that men have lower attention spans than women. ANI

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