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Technology News on February 27, 2011

Pump that bacteria use to resist drugs described
Scientists have identified and described two parts of the three-part system that pumps toxins from bacteria and allows them to resist antibiotics. ANI

Now, an iPhone app to find parking spots!
The headache of finding a parking space in a busy city may soon be eliminated by a new app available for iPhone users. ANI

Shaped pulses could make opaque film see-through
A non-invasive technique for targeting cancer cells may soon become a reality, thanks to researchers who have found a new way of providing crystal clear vision through an opaque layer. ANI

Plankton shed light on Earth's ancient atmosphere
Researchers have found that plankton play a large part in understanding the origin of Earth's first breathable atmosphere. ANI

Web-based tool supports sustainable living choices
Those who want to live sustainably can now measure their impact on the environment. Scientists have created a Web-based tool that calculates an individual's 'nitrogen footprint.' ANI

Tracking device can tell you where your kids are
Would you like to have the security of being able to find your children whenever you want? Then read this. ANI

Infants, toddlers too suffer mental illness
A new research has shown that infants and toddlers can suffer serious mental health disorders, yet they are unlikely to receive treatment that could prevent lasting developmental problems. ANI

Endurance exercise thwarts premature aging
A study by McMaster University researchers has found that endurance exercise may stop you looking and feeling old, it may even help you live longer. ANI

Can clams help clean oil-filled waters?
Researchers at Southeastern Louisiana University are studying the lowly Rangia clam, common in the waters of Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Maurepas and other brackish bodies of water, to determine whether they can help in cleaning oil-polluted waters. ANI

Oz women warned not to put motherhood on ice
An increasing number of women are choosing to freeze their eggs for social reasons in the hope they will be able to have a child when they are older. ANI

A cup of tea can improve brain power
A new study has suggested that drinking tea not only improves brain power, but also reduces tiredness and increases alertness, thereby improving the performance. ANI

Study could lead to new ways of curtailing reproduction in harmful insects
A new study has suggested that insects continue to influence each other on molecular, cellular and physiological levels-even after the partners go separate ways once mating is done. ANI

Scientists discover a new way insulin-producing cells die
Scientists in Italy and Texas have discovered a previously unknown cause of the death of insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas, a core defect in diabetes. ANI

Viral infection unlikely to advance deadly lung disease
A study conducted by researchers from the U.S., Korea and Japan has found that acute viral infection is not a primary cause of acute exacerbation of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), a progressive, deadly disease resulting in thickening and scarring of the lungs. ANI

How HIV reactivates after entering a dormant state
A new study, conducted by US researchers, enhances the current knowledge of how human immunodeficiency virus type-1 (HIV-1), which causes AIDS, controls the cell cycle of cells that it infects. ANI

Meet the man who cooks nitrogen-dipped burgers, ultrasonic French fries!
Nathan Myhrvold believes that cooking is not just an art, but a science too - meet the man who cooks nitrogen-dipped burgers and ultrasonic French fries. ANI

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