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Technology News on February 26, 2011

How 'self-eating' cells safeguard against cancer
Scientists have made an important discovery concerning how fledgling cancer cells self-destruct, which has the potential of impacting on future cancer therapies. ANI

New kind of optical fiber paves way for improved surgical and medical lasers
A team of scientists has developed the very first optical fiber made with a core of zinc selenide - a light-yellow compound that can be used as a semiconductor. ANI

Bone drug may help prevent spread of early lung cancer
Italian researchers have found that a drug, currently used to treat bone metastases in patients with lung cancer, could also be useful to prevent the cancer from spreading in the first place. ANI

Creative storytelling improves lives of people with dementia: Study
A University of Missouri study has found that creative storytelling improves communication skills and has a positive affect on people with dementia. ANI

Bamiyan Buddhas 'once had an intensely colorful appearance'
The Bamiyan Buddhas-blown up by the Taliban 10 years ago-once had an intensely colorful appearance, scientists have suggested. ANI

Now, hi-tech toilet that can swallow 18 golf balls!
An American company has designed toilets that have the ability to flush several items with ease, including 18 golf balls. ANI

France to create virtual copy of threatened cave paintings
Expert divers have teamed up with top scientists in France to create a complete virtual copy of unique cave paintings threatened by rising Mediterranean waters. ANI

Practicing before females improves males' performance
UCSF neuroscientists have discovered that teenage male songbirds, still working to perfect their song, perform better in the presence of a female bird. ANI

How prehistoric sabretoothed cats coped with their oversized teeth
How did prehistoric sabretoothed cats cope with their oversized teeth? Well, the mystery has been solved in part by a new analysis of the cats' jaws. ANI

Botox 'may help women with vaginal spasms that prevent them from having sex'
Botox treatments may help women who suffer from vaginal muscle spasms, says an expert. ANI

Women 'more competitive' than men when the going gets tough
Women are more cunning and competitive than men when the going gets tough, according to a new research. ANI

Indonesian mud volcano 'likely to continue erupting for another 26 yrs'
Researchers have estimated that the world's largest mud volcano, which left 13,000 families homeless, is likely to continue erupting for another 26 years. ANI

New mobile phone app 'spots cancer with 100pc accuracy in an hour'
Scientists have developed a new mobile phone application that spots cancer - and is more accurate than the techniques routinely used in hospitals. ANI

Our willingness to listen to music is a biological trait
In a new study, researchers have examined the biological basis of listening to music. ANI

Here's how 5,300-yr-old Otzi the Iceman looked
Based on 20 years of research, this is how Otzi the Iceman might have looked: brown eyed, furrow faced bearded, and tired. ANI

Google revamps to keep 'low-quality' sites at bay
Google has made amendments in the way it ranks web pages as it has been struggling to combat websites that have been able to game its system. ANI

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