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Technology News on February 24, 2011

Model to help predict volcanic eruptions
A model developed by the researchers at Yale University and the University of British Columbia may help forecast deadly volcanic eruptions. ANI

Can online peer support groups benefit people with mental illness?
Previous research has shown that people with mental illnesses prefer online peer support groups over face-to-face support groups. ANI

Local anesthetic derived from algae 'effectively blocks pain in surgical patients'
Surgical patients might soon benefit from a long-acting local anesthetic, thanks to researchers in the United States and Chile. ANI

Low-cost filter to provide safe water in emergency
McGill researchers have come up with a new and inexpensive way of filtering water using silver nanoparticles. ANI

New vaccine technology shows promise against hepatitis C virus
University of Copenhagen scientists have succeeded in developing a vaccine, which provides future hope for medical protection from hepatitis C. ANI

Solar panel energy - way to greener technology, or is it?
Solar energy is synonymous to green technology but what many don't know is that the process of making solar panels involves the use of potentially toxic substances and lots of energy. ANI

Red, green and blue colours are best to find Earth-like planets
A team of astronomers has found that red, green and blue coloured filters are the best to spot a planet that looks like Earth. ANI

Potential therapeutic target for schizophrenia identified
Scientists have identified a gene mutation strongly linked to schizophrenia that may be an important new target for the development of drug therapies. ANI

New study offers hope to those with multiple sclerosis
A new study conducted by researchers at Wayne State University's School of Medicine has offered hope to people with multiple sclerosis. ANI

Scientists shed light on cellular basis of depression
Scientists have identified hyperactive cells in a tiny brain structure that may play an important role in depression. ANI

Superfluid found in neutron star's core
NASA scientists have found the first direct evidence for a superfluid, a bizarre, friction-free state of matter, at the core of a neutron star. ANI

New laser-based tool 'detects signs of skin cancer'
High-resolution images from a laser-based tool could help doctors better diagnose melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, according to researchers at Duke University. ANI

How a 3000-yr-old, 27,000-piece jigsaw puzzle was solved in 9yrs!
Imagine having to put together 27,000 fragments of a puzzle together piece by piece - a team of German archaeologists has achieved a similar feat in almost nine years. ANI

New discovery revives ancient China's 'blood-sweating' horse legend
The bones of 80 horses recently unearthed from the tomb of a Chinese emperor who lived more than 2,000 years ago may rekindle a legend about 'blood-sweating' horses in ancient China. ANI

Bunion deformity more common in women, elderly: Study
A UK population-based study has found that bunion deformity, or hallux valgus, occurs more frequently in women and older individuals. ANI

High vitamin-D bread could help solve insufficiency problem
For those who don't get enough vitamin D from sunlight or foods, scientists are suggesting that a new vitamin D-fortified food - bread made with high-vitamin D yeast - could solve the problem. ANI

Drug combo helps protect hearing
Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have identified a low-dose, two-drug cocktail that reduces hearing loss in mice when given before they are exposed to loud noise. ANI

People with low self-esteem 'more likely to be biased'
A new study has explained why people are more likely to show bias against people who are different, when they are feeling badly about themselves. ANI

A closer look into how addiction hijacks the brain
New research has provided some more answers into how substance abuse hijacks neuronal circuits involved in reward and motivation and causes profound and persistent changes in behaviour. ANI

Why drugs increase risk of heart attacks, strokes
A new study has shown that fluid retention caused by many drugs may be the reason for an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. ANI

Researchers 1 step closer to solving mystery of famous bluestones of Stonehenge
Researchers are one step closer to solving the puzzle of how the famous bluestones of the Stonehenge originated. ANI

Scientists make volunteers experience illusion of having 3 arms
In an astounding experiment, scientists at the Swedish medical university Karolinska Institutet have shown that it is possible to make healthy volunteers experience having three arms at the same time. ANI

Children living on farms 'less prone to asthma than others'
A new study has confirmed that children living on farms are significantly less likely to develop asthma than others. ANI

Super-fast new smartphone network 'may threaten GPS signals'
Experts have expressed concerns that a new smartphone network in the US could threaten GPS signals. ANI

NASA delays Glory launch for 24 hours
NASA has postponed the launch of its Glory spacecraft due to technical problems. ANI

Humans stink worse than other animals
While we tend to think of other animals as smelling more unpleasantly than we do, a new study suggests that the truth may actually be the opposite. ANI

New app to convert your cell phone into personal concert speaker!
Open-air music festivals often have poor sound quality, but that could soon change, courtesy an audio-enhancing app for cellphones. ANI

'Walking cactus' sheds light on the evolution of insects, spiders
Fossils of an extinct creature, dubbed the 'walking cactus' - that lived around 500 million years ago, could be arthropods' lost relative, according to a new Chinese study. ANI

World's coral reefs 'at risk due to overfishing, climate change'
A major new assessment says that three-quarters of the world's coral reefs are at risk due to overfishing, pollution, climate change and other factors. ANI

Glowing trees to replace street lights? Impractical, says Aussie scientist
An Australian scientist has said that a radical idea to replace street lamps with trees that glow in the dark may not be as practical as it sounds. ANI

How brain chemicals determine whether your love will last
An eminent U.S. anthropologist claims to have found why some relationships are a smooth sail while others are a little trickier. ANI

Electric cars 'are as dirty as diesel cars'
The amount of pollution generated by electric cars is similar to that of a frugal conventional diesel car, according to UK consumer watchdogs. ANI

Despite high popularity, Facebook pulls the plug on 'Breakup Notifier'
It seems the idea of 'stalking' their crush on Facebook had appealed to millions but the company has shut down the application. ANI

635mn-yr-old seaweed fossils in China tell story of oxygen in ancient ocean
Scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Virginia Tech in the U.S., and Northwest University in Xi'an, China, have discovered almost 600 million-year-old seaweed fossils in Lantian, a small village in Anhui Province of South China. ANI

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