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Technology News on February 22, 2011

Simple tests can tell who can drive after a stroke
Simple tests in the office can help doctors determine who is more likely to be a safe driver after a stroke, according to a new study. ANI

Vaccine made with synthetic gene shows promise against pneumonia
Scientists at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University have developed an experimental vaccine that appears to protect against an increasingly common and particularly deadly form of pneumococcal pneumonia. ANI

Climate change affecting safety of world's food supplies: Study
A Michigan State University professor has said that climate change is already having an effect on the safety of the world's food supplies and unless action is taken it's only going to get worse. ANI

Skin cancer's influence on quality of life 'more substantial for women'
A new study has found that women experience more health-related quality of life issues than men for up to 10 years following a diagnosis of the skin cancer melanoma. ANI

Bone-anchored hearing aids 'beneficial' for hearing-impaired kids
A new study has found that bone-anchored hearing aids appear helpful in improving hearing and quality of life in children with hearing loss in one or both ears. ANI

Men in noisy jobs likelier to suffer hearing problems, heart diseases
A new study has found that being male and having a noisy job could increase the risk of hearing impairment and cardiovascular diseases in middle-aged adults. ANI

First harmful algal bloom species genome sequenced
A team of researchers including U. S. Department of Energy (DOE) Joint Genome Institute (JGI) scientists led by Igor Grigoriev has successfully completed and annotated the first genome sequence of a (harmful algal bloom) HAB species: Aureococcus anophagefferens. ANI

Seaweed may provide new drugs to fight malaria
Scientists at the Georgia Institute of Technology say that a type of tropical seaweed may hold the key to producing the next generation of treatments for malaria. ANI

Diseased heart valve replaced through small hole in the leg
Physicians in the US have implanted a new investigational heart valve in a patient through a small puncture hole in the leg. ANI

Life of crime begins at 3 for some kids, say scientists
Scientists have claimed that the seeds of criminal and anti-social behaviour can be found in children as young as three. ANI

New Facebook app pings you when your unavailable friends split up!
A new application on Facebook called the Breakup Notifier sends you an email when the love of your life who is in a relationship with someone else, breaks up. ANI

LHC could prove 'God Particle' theory within 2 yrs: Experts
Large Hadron Collider scientists have said that the existence of the so-called "God Particle" Higgs Boson theory could be proved within two years or it probably does not exist. ANI

Now, a car that can be controlled by driver's thoughts!
German engineers have created a car, the direction and speed of which can be overridden by the driver's thoughts. ANI

High cholesterol, high BP in middle age linked to early memory problems
A new study has found that middle-age men and women who have cardiovascular issues, such as high cholesterol and high blood pressure, may not only be at risk for heart disease, but for an increased risk of developing early cognitive and memory problems as well. ANI

Did Neanderthals use feathers to deck themselves up?
A new study has found that Neanderthals may have used feathers as ornaments most likely in the same manner they used shells. ANI

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