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Technology News on February 20, 2011

Human medication can be unsafe for pets
When you have a stuffy nose, an aching back or an upset stomach, you reach for over-the-counter medicines to ease the discomfort. ANI

Breastfeeding not always best for mums
A new study has revealed that many new mothers are under so much pressure to breastfeed, they have been psychologically distressed by their experiences. ANI

Stem cells help women regrow br**ts after surgery
A new technique, which uses stem cells, could help women regrow their br**ts after cancer surgery. ANI

Choice of smartphone apps helps define your computing style
The applications you add to your smartphone can define your computing style, suggests a new study. ANI

Violent video games do not desensitize players: Study
Previous research has suggested that playing violent video games cause people to exhibit more aggressive behavior, or become less emotionally responsive to violent images. ANI

Facebook stalking on the rise
Australian youngsters, who claim they are victims of intimidation, are taking out restraining orders against Facebook stalkers. ANI

Energy drinks linked to psychotic episodes in people with mental illness
An expert has warned that caffeinated energy drinks may trigger a psychotic episode in people with mental illness. ANI

Zuckerberg dresses up formally for Obama
He is known for wearing a hoodie, T-shirt and jeans around the office, even when presidents swing by. But Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg surprised everyone when he met President Barack Obama recently in a formal suit. ANI

Health warning for kids over new 3D games console
Experts have raised health concerns over the new 3D games console that creates 3D images without the need for glasses and goes on sale in Japan this week. ANI

Kepler space telescope listens to 'music of the stars'
The Kepler space telescope is significantly better at measuring the sizes and ages of stars - when it 'listens' to the sounds they make. ANI

'Man b**bs' much more common than previously thought: Study
Man b**bs are every man's worst nightmare. And the condition that causes it may be occurring more frequently than previously thought, according to a new study. ANI

Drinking a glass of wine daily 'helps ward off dementia'
Scientists have found that a daily cocktail or glass of wine could help delay dementia. ANI

Forget taking appointments, an online GP is just a click away
In future, you may not need to take an appointment to see your doctor at the hospital. ritain's first online GP service DrThom surgery in Central London is responding to hundreds of medical queries, which flood into their email inboxes daily, reports the Daily Mail. ANI

10 ways to keep your mind sharp revealed
If you don't want your brain to lose its prowess as you age, better follow these tips. ANI

Women are better at forgiving than men: Study (Re-issue)
Parents forgive more than children, while women are better at forgiving than men, according to a new study. ANI

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