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Technology News on February 15, 2011

Few women seek help for sexual issues following cancer treatment
A survey has found that many women who survive breast and gynecologic cancers want medical help for their sexual issues, but most do not get it. ANI

3,000-yr-old Mesoamerican sculpture discovered in southern Mexico
A 3,000-year-old Mesoamerican sculpture, discovered in 2009 in southern Mexico along the Pacific coast, looks ready to march into the history books. ANI

A family that plays together really does stay together
Most of us are familiar with an old adage 'A family that plays together stays together'. ANI

Study may lead to next-gen nanoelectronic and spintronic devices
A new study from UCLA scientists promises to introduce new-generation nanoelectronic and spintronic devices. ANI

Scientists create jewel-toned organic phosphorescent crystals
University of Michigan researchers have created a new class of material that shines with phosphorescence, which they say could lead to cheaper, more efficient and flexible display screens, among other applications. ANI

Overuse leading to decline in world's phosphorus stock
A team of researchers has warned that overuse of phosphorus in the industrialized world may lead to global phosphorus stock getting depleted forever. ANI

Many consumers think 36 months is longer than 3 years
A new study has concluded that consumers often have a distorted view when they compare information that involves numbers. ANI

Study finds two pesticides linked to Parkinson's disease
A new study has found that the use of two pesticides, rotenone and paraquat, is associated with Parkinson's disease. ANI

First romantic kiss more memorable than losing your virginity
Be it behind the bike sheds or at the school disco, you are more likely to remember your first romantic kiss with your partner than even loosing your virginity. ANI

Stem cell transplants show promise for patients with kidney problems
In a new study, scientists found that transplanting autologous renal progenitor cells (RPCs), (kidney stem cells derived from self-donors), into rat models with kidney damage from pyelonephritis - a type of urinary infection that has reached the kidney - improved kidney structure and function. ANI

More warm, acidic oceans will require greater reef care
A new study has said that the more our oceans become warmer and acidic, the harder we will have to work to save our coral reefs. ANI

Why being too good looking might cut your chances with females
Traditional theory of evolution maintains that it's the good-looking male that gets the ladies, but a new study might prove otherwise.esearch by the University of Queensland (UQ) has found there is a limit to the success of even the most desirable males in a population, reports ABC Science. ANI

Prairie dogs 'kiss and cuddle more when they have an audience'
A new study has revealed that adult prairie dogs kiss and cuddle each other more when they are being watched. ANI

How women with anorexia portray themselves
Women suffering from anorexia or bulimia draw a different picture of themselves than women who do not have eating disorders, according to a new study. ANI

Cardiac rehab 'can improve heart patients' quality of life'
Researchers at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre have said that healthcare practitioners can increase the number of patients with heart disease referred to a cardiac rehabilitation program by 40 per cent, helping them to reduce their risk of dying and improve their quality of life. ANI

Control system to allow satellites and spacecrafts to think for themselves
Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed the world's first control system that will allow engineers to programme autonomous satellites and spacecrafts to think for themselves. ANI

Hand movements may give clues to ADHD severity
Two studies have found markers for measuring the ability of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) to control impulsive movements, which may reveal insights into the neurobiology of ADHD, inform prognosis and guide treatments. ANI

Internet playing cupid for middle-aged people: Study
A new study has revealed that middle-aged people are most likely to look for love online - dispelling the myth that Internet dating is primarily for the young. ANI

Here's why consumers pay for celebrity possessions
A new study has offered insights into why someone would pay 48,875 dollars for a tape measure that had belonged to Jackie Kennedy or 3,300 dollars for Bernie Madoff's footstool. ANI

Secondary task may 'improve driver's attention, stability on road'
New research by human factors/ergonomics researchers at the University of Kansas suggests that drivers who lose focus on the road because of boredom can actually increase their attention by engaging in a secondary task, particularly during the last leg of their journey. ANI

IBM's supercomputer to be pitted against humans in TV quiz
IBM's supercomputer Watson will compete against two humans in a TV quiz for the prize of a million dollars. ANI

Soft, inward-folding car bonnet could save lives, cut head trauma 'by 60 pc'
Scientists at Cellbond in collaboration with Ruskin University in Cambridge have designed a 'pedestrian friendly bonnet' that folds inward on impact. ANI

Obese women may be less likely to develop chronic eye disease
A new study has found that obesity may be associated with higher eye pressure and a decreased risk of open-angle glaucoma in women. ANI

New device to help confirm Kepler's planetary candidates
The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) is part of an international collaboration building a new instrument called HARPS-North, which will complement Kepler by helping to confirm and characterize Kepler's planetary candidates. ANI

Why budding guitarists have a fetish for rock hero instruments
Most guitarists have a desire to own an instrument just like the one their rock idol owns, or something similar to that - now a new study explains why. ANI

Gene that controls immune system linked to preeclampsia
Scientists have found that the placentas of women who suffer preeclampsia during pregnancy have an overabundance of a gene associated with the regulation of the body's immune system. ANI

Blood glucose levels indicator of retinopathy risk
A new study has found that individuals who have higher blood glucose levels and poorer control of those levels over time are more likely to develop eye-related complications 10 years later. ANI

Parasites' struggle for 'long-term survival' makes malaria 'deadly'
Malaria is particularly deadly because the parasites that carry it battle other infections for survival, Edinburgh University scientists have claimed. ANI

X-rays reveal why van Gogh paintings are losing their shine
Scientists have discovered why some paintings of Vincent van Gogh and other artists of the late 19th century are losing their shine. ANI

Lavender oil shows potent anti-fungal effect
Scientists have suggested that lavender oil could be used to fight the increasing incidence of antifungal-resistant infections. ANI

Cigarette smoking may increase risk of muscle-wasting disease
Scientists have found that cigarette smoking may be associated with an increased risk of developing the muscle-wasting disease amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). ANI

Hearing loss linked to development of dementia
A new study has revealed that older adults with hearing loss may be more likely to develop dementia, and their risk increases as hearing loss becomes more severe. ANI

Fiber intake linked to reduced risk of death
A new study has found that dietary fiber may be associated with a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular, infectious and respiratory diseases, as well as a reduced risk of death from any cause over a nine-year period. ANI

Beware! Your lover may be cyberstalking you
Ever felt that someone was snooping on your email account or watching your movements? You might be right, according to a new study. ANI

New study suggests earliest humans were not very different from us
A study from Stony Brook University has suggested that earliest humans were not very different from us. ANI

Why women feel anxious, depressed and irate at that 'time of the month'
For centuries, the mystery of why women are irate and anxious during 'that time of the month' has flummoxed many but a new study finds the exact reason for this odd behaviour. ANI

Obesity can lead to permanent knee damage: Studies
New studies have been presented at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) to look at the effect that obesity has on knee arthritis and a patient's ability to recover from knee surgery. ANI

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