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Technology News on February 14, 2011

500K tons of hydrocarbons released during Gulf of Mexico oil discharge
Up to 500,000 tons of gaseous hydrocarbons were emitted into the deep ocean, according to a new University of Georgia study. ANI

Study sheds light on RNA 'on/off switches'
A recent study has shed new light on a molecular switch that turns genes on or off in response to a cell's energy needs. ANI

Ashley, Cheryl Cole back together?
Rumours are abuzz that football star Ashley Cole is planning a trip to Dubai with ex-wife Cheryl to heal their relationship. ANI

Eating berries could cut risk of Parkinson's
A new study has suggested that those who eat berries stand lesser chances of developing Parkinson's disease. ANI

Use FourSquare to find new love!
Want to know where your love is this Valentine's Day? Use FourSquare. ANI

How nerve cell know where to grow and which cells to contact
How a nerve cell knows where it should grow and which cells to contact was unknown - until now. ANI

First evidence of gene transfer from human host to bacterial pathogen
Northwestern Medicine researchers have discovered the first evidence of a human DNA fragment in a bacterial genome. ANI

Forget search engines, try the new 'answer engines'
Computer wizards have claimed that by using a 'cutting-edge' technology they have created a clever website that gives direct answers to direct questions. ANI

'Anti-social' attitude in boozy fish may explain alcoholism impact in humans
Even small amounts of alcohol at an early age can have a long-lasting impact on fish and humans alike, according to a new study. ANI

Japanese satellite Hinode spots 2 huge holes in Sun
A Japanese spacecraft has spotted two huge holes in the sun's magnetic field - which are blasting solar material into space. ANI

Mummies' toes may be world's earliest prosthetic body parts
Scientists say they have found the world's earliest prosthetic body parts. ANI

Indian inventor claims to have made 'flying car'
An Indian inventor, A.K. Vishwanath, has claimed that he has made a flying car with the help of India's first small car, Maruti. ANI

Men like wet kisses while women want to keep them long!
Men like to push to make kisses sloppier, while women want to keep them long, suggest a new study. ANI

Sheep are smart enough to make 'executive decisions'
Unlike previously thought, sheep are actually so smart that they make 'executive decisions', have long memories and can remember friends for two years. ANI

Why sex in space could be a bad idea
Having sex and getting pregnant in the space is just not a good idea, thanks to serious radiation hazards, scientists have said. ANI

For some, music gives the same high as sex
A new study from the McGill University has revealed that listening to music is just as pleasurable as food, drugs and sex. ANI

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