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Technology News on February 13, 2011

Young kids prefer to share prizes after working together
A new study has shown that young children choose to share prizes after working together. ANI

Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring lowers rate of infant mortality
The use of fetal heart rate monitors lowers the rate of infant mortality, according to a new study. ANI

New research looks at getting stroke patients back on their feet
A new study has found that structured and progressive treadmill walking and exercise programs for strength and balance yield similar results for patients one year after having stroke. ANI

Free web-based ordering of home test kits for STIs proves effective with youth
A new Johns Hopkins research has found that screening teens and young adults for sexually transmitted infections may best be achieved by making free, confidential home-kit testing available over the Internet. ANI

New 'lightRadio cube' could spell the end for ugly mobile phone masts
Ugly mobile phone masts that blight the landscape could soon become a thing of the past, for scientists have developed tiny cubes which you can hold in your hand. ANI

No connection between superstorms and Earth's magnetic fields: Experts
There's simply no established scientific connection between the concept of superstorms - and weather in general - and the Earth's magnetic fields, say experts. ANI

New system may cut years off development time of new antibiotics
Two University of Houston (UH) professors are developing a computerized modeling system to cut the development time of new antibiotics. ANI

Reduced levels of important neurotransmitter linked to multiple sclerosis
Scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago have demonstrated that damage to a particular area of the brain and a consequent reduction in noradrenaline are associated with multiple sclerosis. ANI

Mars-500 crew 'lands' on Red Planet during simulation
The crew of a simulated mission to Mars has landed on the 'surface' of the Red Planet, as a part of the Mars-500 project. ANI

Flotilla of spacecraft to give accurate space weather forecasts
Space scientists from the UK may soon send a flotilla of spacecraft into orbit around the sun to provide an early warning system for the huge solar explosions that can interfere with electronic equipment on Earth and even influence our planet's weather. ANI

Male animals can 'smell' whether a potential partner is a virgin or not
Many males are able to 'smell' whether a potential female partner is a virgin, and if not, how many times she has mated, according to a new study on animals. ANI

Liking for sweetness might help alcoholics kick the habit
Alcoholics who have a sweet tooth are more likely to kick the habit using a common drug treatment, according to a new study. ANI

Shane Warne 'slept with p*rn star while dating Elizabeth Hurley'
A p*rn star has claimed that Shane Warne had sex with her and sent her a series of lewd text messages at the same time his romance with Elizabeth Hurley grew. ANI

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