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Technology News on February 1, 2011

Oz firm promises to make one look good in Google search results
An Australian company has claimed to have the capability to tweak the material that appears in Google's search system when someone looks for a person. ANI

Just the Red Bull logo 'can give your performance wings'
A new study has found the personality of a brand can influence a consumer to act in ways consistent with that personality when exposed to brand imagery, like Red Bull drinkers tend to act more aggressively. ANI

CERN declares LHC will run till 2012
CERN has announced that the LHC will run right through to the end of 2012. ANI

What kind of Facebook user are you?
A research has found that there are basically six types of users on Facebook. ANI

Certain types of gut bacteria linked to fatty liver
A new study has suggested that the abundance or scarcity of certain types of bacteria in the gut may also help predict susceptibility to non-alcoholic fatty liver. ANI

Girls benefit from playing video games with parents
Researchers from Brigham Young University's School of Family Life have found that girls who play video games with a parent enjoy a number of advantages - the behave better, feel more connected to their families and have stronger mental health. ANI

Drug-and explosive-sniffing dog performance is affected by handlers' beliefs
A new by researchers at UC Davis has found that drug-and explosive-sniffing dog/handler teams' performance is affected by human handlers' beliefs, possibly in response to subtle, unintentional handler cues. ANI

Plants adapt genetically to survive unfavourable environments
A Purdue University study has discovered genetic evidence of how some plants adapt to live in unfavourable conditions. ANI

Long-sought-after anti-cancer agent synthesized
For the first time, Yale University scientists have synthesized a chemical compound, leading to the development of a new class of molecules that may target and destroy cancer stem cells. ANI

The science behind avoiding falls while standing in buses, subway trains
A team of researchers in Canada have discovered how standing subway and bus riders can avoid toppling over with every start and stop of the vehicle. ANI

How songbirds' strategy could shed light on helping rehab patients
Scientists have found that understanding a songbird's strategy to develop an irresistible trill could have implications for rehabilitating people with neuromuscular diseases and injuries. ANI

Brain pacemakers may help fight depression: Study
Brain pacemakers are already being used to treat Parkinson's disease patients. Now, a new study has suggested that this deep brain stimulation technique could effectively help in the fight against depression. ANI

Chinese scientists develop train 'that can travel as fast as plane'
Scientists have successfully developed a model Maglev train that can travel as fast as a plane in a laboratory in Southwest China. ANI

Smart laser technology could make cancer biopsies painless
Scientists at Michigan State University are developing a smart laser technology that could make biopsies painless and noninvasive in the future. ANI

Signaling pathway crucial to acute lung injury discovered
Scientists have discovered a signaling pathway that is crucial to the devastating effects of acute lung injury (ALI). ANI

Protein that protects against prostate cancer discovered
Scientists have identified an important protein, produced naturally inside cells, that appears to suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells in the laboratory. ANI

Frogs re-evolved 'lost' lower teeth after more than 200mn yrs
New research suggests that frogs re-evolved 'lost' bottom teeth after more than 200 million years. ANI

UK Facebook users to get 'bargain deals' by sharing exact location
British Facebook users can have access to shop discounts and restaurant "bargain deals" by just sharing their exact location through a new smartphone feature. ANI

Newly deciphered ant genomes offer clues on ant social life, pest control
An international team of scientists has decoded the genome of a persistent household pest -- the Argentine ant, an invasive species that is threatening native insects across the world. ANI

UK teens using mobile phones to swap nude pics, access p*rn sites
A study has found that teenagers in UK are using their mobile phones to swap revealing photographs of themselves and to also access p*rn sites. ANI

Sark declared as world's first dark sky island
The Channel Island of Sark has been declared as the world's first dark sky island for the quality of its night sky. ANI

Newly discovered dino 'may be father of Triceratops'
A newly discovered species of dinosaur appears to be related to the horned dinosaur species, Triceratops. ANI

Leukaemia vaccine goes on clinical trial
Scientists in Britain are set to begin the first human trials of a revolutionary cancer vaccine that could save thousands of lives a year. ANI

Nearly a quarter of web traffic consists of pirated content: Study
The illegal downloading or uploading of copyrighted material such as movies, music and TV shows accounts for almost one-fourth of global web traffic, according to a new study. ANI

Brain scans 'can predict smokers' quitting success'
Brain scans will now predict accurately how successful a smoker will be in kicking the butt. ANI

How hearts adapt and recover from low oxygen
From the highest mountaintop comes a new study that sheds light on what happens to the hearts of people when exposed to low-levels of oxygen, such as those on Mount Everest or in the intensive care unit of a hospital. ANI

Scientists grow arteries with most elastic protein reported
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have grown arteries that exhibit the elasticity of natural blood vessels at the highest levels reported. ANI

Scientist working to grow meat in lab
A scientist at the Medical University of South Carolina has been working for the past 10 years to grow meat. ANI

Head injury 'can blight the chances of survival up to 13 years later'
A new research has shown that a head injury can blight the chances of survival up to 13 years after the event, especially among younger adults. ANI

Chimp mums 'mourn their dead infants'
Scientists have revealed for the first time that female chimpanzees mourn their dead infants. ANI

Moderate physical exercise in older adults shown to improve memory
A new study-conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, University of Illinois, Rice University, and Ohio State University-shows that one year of moderate physical exercise can increase the size of the brain's hippocampus in older adults, leading to an improvement in spatial memory. ANI

Dogs 'can sniff out cancer in stool'
Japanese scientists claim that a Labrador can detect bowel cancer in breath and stool samples with remarkable accuracy. ANI

Arctic Ocean water is 'warmest it's been for more than 2,000 years'
A new study has found that the water flowing into the Arctic from the North Atlantic is at its warmest level for more than 2,000 years. ANI

Dog's head size predicts strength, running ability
A dog's strength and running ability are predicted by the size and width of the canine's head, according to a new study. ANI

Video gamers are terrible drivers: Study
A UK study has claimed that people who spend their spare time playing driving video games prove to be more dangerous when put behind the wheel of real cars. ANI

900m Internet Explorer users at risk as Microsoft warns of security flaw
Microsoft has warned that the 900 million users of its Internet Explorer web browser are at risk of having their computers hijacked and their personal information stolen by hackers. ANI

Memory storage process 'more complex than previously thought'
New York University neuroscientists have found that the process we use to store memories is more complex than previously thought. ANI

Too much TV 'leads to speech problems in children'
New research suggests that spending too much time in front of the TV or computer is hindering the development of children's speech. ANI

LHC study brings scientists a step closer to dark matter discovery
Physicists have carried out the first full run of experiments that smash protons together at almost the speed of light, bringing them a step closer towards the discovery of dark matter. ANI

Looking for the perfect man or woman? Just find out his or her birth order
If clinical psychologist Linda Blair is to be believed, finding your perfect partner could be just one easy step away. ANI

Scientists convert skin cells directly into beating heart cells
Scientists have successfully converted adult skin cells directly into beating heart cells efficiently without having to first go through the laborious process of generating embryonic-like stem cells. ANI

Study sheds light on asteroid deflection strategy to avert collision
A new study from New York City College of Technology sheds light on how a deflection strategy would work best in order to avoid collision with giant space objects such as asteroids. ANI

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