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Technology News on December 7, 2011

Now, camera to give star gazers deeper look into space
A new 'submillimeter' astronomy camera that can map areas of sky hundreds of times faster will now help in providing unparalleled information about early life of distant stars. ANI

'3-D' transistors bring faster circuits and lighter laptops closer to reality
Scientists have created a new type of transistor made from a material that could replace silicon and have a 3-D structure instead of conventional flat computer chips. ANI

Being told painting is fake changes our brains' response to it
The way we perceive art is not 'rational' when it comes to judging between the fake and real thing, mainly because of a variety of influences and changes in brain pattern, a new study has suggested. ANI

Dating site booted out of eBay for auctioning date with 'Virgin Mary'
An Internet dating site has been thrown off eBay after it auctioned a date with the 'Virgin Mary'. ANI

New site scans friends' Facebook 'likes' to give you gift ideas
A new website browses through your friends' Facebook 'likes' and suggests gift ideas based on their preferences. ANI

Babies imitate behaviour of only reliable adults!
Infants can be tricked once but not again as they have the ability to differentiate between credible and un-credible sources, and this makes them imitate behaviour of only those adults who they consider to be reliable, a new study has suggested. ANI

New images of Pacific Ocean capture destruction of underwater mountains
New images from the depths of the Pacific Ocean have revealed the destruction of massive underwater mountains as one of Earth's most violent processes. ANI

New horned dinosaur species declared almost 100 yrs after discovery
Scientists have revealed a new species of horned dinosaur almost 100 years after the initial finding of the fossil. ANI

Solar Storms 'sandblasting' moon, may cause major atmospheric loss
The surface of moon is constantly being eroded by solar storms and associated Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), which is not only stripping generous amount of material but may also cause a major atmospheric loss for planets like Mars that are unprotected by a global magnetic field, a new study has suggested. ANI

Soon, 0.3mm 'bendy screened' mobile with close to reality 3D
The new video for Samsung mobiles shows off a truly out-there technology, a "tablet of the future", that offers instant translation, video, and a level of 3D beyond anything yet available. ANI

Earth's oxygen came in long series of 'starts and stops'
An international team of researchers has found that the appearance of oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere probably did not occur as a single event, but as a long series of starts and stops. ANI

Royal wedding spoof tops YouTube's 2011 viral chart
T-Mobile's spoof of the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has topped YouTube's list of the most popular advertisement among British viewers. ANI

Soon, computers to tell your age with great accuracy!
A new software application to calculate someone's age by evaluating a huge database of photographs, tagged with ages from Flickr and Google Images, may soon be a reality. ANI

Fish pick sexier friends to avert unwanted harassment from males
Fish resort to hanging out with friends who are more sexually attractive than themselves to put off unwanted male attention, a new study has suggested. ANI

'Gold standard' stem cells hailed as 'Holy Grail for regenerative medicine'
British scientists have created the first known batch of "gold standard" stem cells, taken from human embryos and grown in the lab, which could one day lead to a new wave of treatments for degenerative diseases. ANI

Fossils dating back 570 mln years show early proof of animal life
Microscopic 570-million-year-old fossils from China may represent the earliest evidence of animal life on Earth rather than representing bacteria, a new study has found. ANI

Ancient meat-loving predators survived for 35 mln years
Scientists have claimed that a species of ancient predator with saw-like teeth, sleek bodies and a voracious appetite for meat survived for more than 35 million years and co-existed with more advanced animals. ANI

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