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Technology News on December 5, 2011

Game's up shoplifters, whotube is here!
A new website, set up by a group of off-duty and former police officers, enables retailers to upload images and CCTV footage of people they accuse of shoplifting. ANI

Its official! Most of us go online for no reason
Nearly three quarters of Internet users - and most young adults - basically do nothing on the web as they log on for no particular reason, a new study has revealed. ANI

Now, poo-powered 'glowing' bacteria to give your house a warm, cosy glow
A Dutch based electronics company has devised a "bio-light" that will provide any room in the house with a warm, cosy glow and will run on nothing more than recycled household waste. ANI

Youth sexting 'far less common' than expected
Sharing of sexually explicit material among teens isn't as widespread as some media reports have you think, researchers say. ANI

Tallest mountain peaks bear the brunt of climate change
Asia's mountainous Hindu Kush-Himalayan (HKH) region, site of Mount Everest and many of the world's tallest peaks, are extremely vulnerable to climate change, a new study has revealed. ANI

Facebook's new sign-up page to limit security breaches
US researchers have designed a sign-up interface for Facebook applications to help members prevent personal information and their friends' information from leaking out through third party games and apps to hackers and identity thieves. ANI

'Straight-line evolution' causing n*ked mole rat sperms to deteriorate
Scientists from South Africa have shown that n*ked mole rate sperms have become simple and degenerate, probably due to "orthogenic" (straight line) evolution. ANI

Human agriculture key to survival for many threatened species
A number of threatened species in the developing world are entirely dependent on human agriculture for their survival, a new study has found. ANI

Global warming triggers imbalance between fish and their parasites
Parasitic worms that infect fish and have a devastating effect on fish reproduction, grow four times faster at higher temperatures, have provided the first evidence that global warming affects interactions between parasites and their hosts. ANI

Binding pocket of 'functional significance' in cancer causing gene uncovered
US scientists have uncovered a gap in the molecular armor of Ras, the most commonly occurring oncogene, which when mutated has the potential of causing cancer in humans. ANI

'Smarter' undersea robots come closer to reality
Researchers including one of Indian-origin have demonstrated how a new software, which has been sponsored by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), helps robots become smarter at surveying large portions of the ocean. ANI

Bronze Age man's lunch was a bowl of nettle stew, artefacts reveal
The discovery of a number of artefacts in the Cambridgeshire Fens is being said to be the largest collection ever found in one place in Britain and also gives and astonishing insight into life in the area 3,000 years ago. ANI

Coming soon, 'supercomputers' that can predict the future
The European Union is all set to fund a 900 million-pound scheme to produce a computer system that could predict spread of diseases and impending financial meltdowns. ANI

Facebook blacklists Irish town Effin over 'offensive' name
Facebook has blacklisted Irish town Effin over having an offensive name. ANI

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