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Technology News on December 4, 2011

Software firm Carrier IQ denies logging smartphone users' keystrokes, SMS
A California-based software firm that can monitor every keystroke users make on many popular smartphones, has struck back at critics who accused it of violating customers' privacy, saying it doesn't record or store users' private messages. ANI

Now, turn your iPods, iPhones into remote control for robots!
An Indian origin researcher has designed two applications that can turn iPod touch and iPhones into remote control for robots. ANI

How a person smells can offer cues to their personality traits
A person can get a hint of another individual's personality through his or her scent alone, a new study has claimed. ANI

Chewing gum 5 minutes before test may boost performance
Chewing gum five minutes before a test helps students perform better as compared to non-chewing gum takers, a new study has found. ANI

'Cloned' woolly mammoth comes closer to reality
The finding of a well-preserved bone marrow in a mammoth thighbone, from permafrost soil in Siberia, may help in cloning the extinct woolly mammal within five years. ANI

Now, a free smartphone app that helps stranded motorists
An American University is offering a mobile app for drivers who get stranded during snow and ice storms. ANI

Promising drug target for treatment of asthma and allergies identified
Scientists have identified the histamine releasing factor (HRF) molecule as a promising target for developing new treatments for a number of allergic reactions including asthma. ANI

'Prophet of God' cracks world's most mysterious manuscript!
A self-described 'Prophet of God' has claimed that he has decoded world's most mysterious manuscript - Voynich Manuscript, an illustrated tome that has bewildered experts for centuries. ANI

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