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Technology News on December 29, 2011

Slime mould may become basis of future 'bio computers'
Amoeboid yellow slime mould might become the basis of future 'bio computers' as it shows unlikely signs of intelligence, according to Japanese scientists. ANI

Exotic creatures found living at deep-sea vent in Indian Ocean
Scientists have captured remarkable images of life from one of the most inhospitable spots in the ocean - volcanic underwater vents - sometimes called black smokers. ANI

Train-switching technology 'poses hacking threat', warns security expert
A security expert has warned that a shift to mobile communications technology could lead to rail networks being hacked. ANI

Was Cheetah the chimp really Tarzan's sidekick
Doubts have been raised about the extraordinary age of Cheetah the chimp, who was apparently Tarzan's sidekick in the 1930s movies, and whether he actually ever appeared on screen. ANI

'Faceless and brainless' fish found in Scotland
A 'faceless and brainless' fish has been recorded in Scotland for the first time, which can be considered as a modern representative of the first animals that evolved a backbone, according to a new study. ANI

Mother nature helped clean Beijing's air during 2008 Olympics
Scientists have partly credited mother nature for China's impressive feat of cutting Beijing's pollution up to 50 percent for the 2008 Summer Olympics. ANI

Skin microbes affect humans' attractiveness to mosquitoes
Microbes on a person's skin determine how attractive an individual is to mosquitoes, a new study has found. ANI

Christmas solar storm likely to hit earth
A humongous coronal mass ejection (CME) in the shape of an interplanetary bauble cast out from the sun on Christmas day is heading towards out earth and it neighbouring planet mars, NASA scientists have warned. ANI

Soon, app to turn iPhone into personal fitness hub
Apple has won the patent for an application that aims to turn the iPhone into a personal hub to help users measure their progress, schedule classes and stay motivated between sessions. ANI

Soon, TV that you can reach inside and interact with
A US media student has come up with a prototype television, which converts physical hands into virtual ones when users put them in the back of the box. ANI

Lingonberries can protect blood vessels of BP and diabetic patients
Ligonberry has a much higher antioxidant level in certain capacities than blueberries or raspberries, and it can help protect blood vessels of people who have hypertension or have diabetic damage from too much blood sugar, a Finland researcher has claimed. ANI

Speedy drug metabolism makes some TB patients resistant to treatment
Scientists including one of an Indian origin have found that multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) is more likely caused in patients by speedy drug metabolism rather than inconsistent doses, as is widely believed. ANI

Brain cell malfunction linked to schizophrenia
Defect in certain portions of protein that package DNA is the root cause of Schizophrenia and the deficit is especially pronounced in younger people, a new study has suggested. ANI

Silent strokes or dead brain cells behind memory loss in elders
A new study has suggested that 'silent strokes,' or small spots of dead brain cells, found in about one out of four older adults may have lead to memory loss in the elderly. ANI

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