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Technology News on December 28, 2011

Now, insert your friend's pictures into chat with new Facebook gimmick
Facebook has introduced a new gimmick that allows you to instantly make photos, logos and other images appear in chat windows. ANI

World's first dual leg transplant patient takes first steps in swimming pool
The patient with the world's first dual leg transplant took his first steps on Monday in a swimming pool at a hospital in Valencia and will eventually be able to walk unaided. ANI

Mobile phones on GSM networks at risk of being hacked
Mobile phones on GSM networks are vulnerable to new attacks by hackers, allowing them to control millions of handsets at once, a new study has revealed. ANI

Older people's brain does not always slow down with age
Contrary to what many people think the brain functioning of elderly people does not always slow down with age and in certain situations they show similar response times as younger adults, researchers say. ANI

Female frogs more attuned to songs of mates with matching hromosomes
It is vocal skills that counts for some of the female tree frogs when it comes to searching for potential mates, a new study has suggested. ANI

Small monkeys more likely to win fight against larger groups
Some monkey groups have greater chances of winning territorial disputes against larger groups as some members of the bigger side tend to stay away from aggressive encounters, a new study has revealed. ANI

'Yeti's finger' from Nepalese temple of human origin
Scientists have claimed that an anatomical specimen labelled "Yeti's finger" in a London museum is of human origin. ANI

Texts from 604-562 BCE may be oldest depiction of Bible's Tower of Babel
Researchers have discovered ancient texts that might be the oldest representation of the Tower of Babel of Biblical fame. ANI

Spending more time at school may boost IQ
An increase in the number of years spent in school may boost intelligence, a study of Norwegian men has revealed. ANI

Soon, SETI to search the moon for alien artifacts
In a new study, scientists have suggested that although we have an entire universe to seek out aliens, perhaps looking in our own backyard would be a good place to start. ANI

25k-yr old pendant at Irikaitz may be oldest open-air excavation in Iberian Peninsula
The recent discovery of a 25,000 year old pendant at an archaeological site in Zestoa has given rise to intense debate, which would make it the oldest found to date at open-air excavations throughout the whole of the Iberian Peninsula. ANI

Why obesity drugs have limited efficiency
Drugs used to treat obesity usually show limited efficiency and numerous serious side effects, mainly due to our restricted understanding of the effects of obesity on our natural mechanisms of body weight control, researchers say. ANI

New 'sensitive' test may help diagnose heart attack within hours
A highly sensitive new test may soon enable quicker diagnosis of heart attack than is currently possible, a new study has suggested. ANI

Mutation in gene critical for human development causes lethal arrhythmia
Altered function of a gene that is critical for human development interferes with the growth of the cardiac conduction system (CCS) and causes lethal arrhythmias, a new study has claimed. ANI

Soon, new calendar to have identical 12-month period every year
Scientists have created a new calendar in which each new 12-month period is identical to the one which came before and remains that way from one year to the next in perpetuity. ANI

Now, world's most resilient 18-karat gold that is harder than steel
Scientists have come up with the world's first unscratchable 18-karat gold that is harder than steel and can be used in jewellery, watches and other high end products. ANI

New theory claims fish became amphibians in wooded areas not deserts
In a new study, scientists have found the evidence that the transition between fish and amphibians occurred in the humid, wooded floodplains. ANI

Soon, car seat that identifies its driver may prevent theft
Car seat with an inbuilt technology to measure its driver's weight may soon be able to prevent theft, researchers say. ANI

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